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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good to be home...

I'm back!!!! Oh, it's so good to be back home. Traveling makes me soooooo tired even though I snoozed for most of both flights! It feels like I've been away for a month. Did anyone miss me?? I feel lost and guess I gotta get of of my butt and get back into the groove of things! Well, I logged onto sister Jen's blog, Pieces of Me to bring me up-to-date. All I can say is WOW!! I love all that work and time she spent posting pics, recipes, and all of the other crazy things she's doing...no wonder I love you! Talk about inspiration! Maybe I have to stop my blog and just read hers! I guess while I was on this wonderful cruise (which I will get into more soon) I've made some personal goals that I hope I can keep up with. Some of them would include scheduling specific days for me to do planning, creating and then blogging...I know that I force myself to do too many things (yup!, I blame only myself! and I hear all of you sisters agreeing with me!) and then major stressing out. How much stress can this little girl take???? Okay, I will try to be better and will need all of you sisters out there to remind me not to over do myself, thanks in advance!!
Thank you for the comments on my last post, which OMG that was April 9th!! BTW, my SAM, Sharie just Loved the baby onesies and the SB page...also, I'm not ignoring the fact that I've been tagged by both Jen and Jean...I will get to it real soon...I just gotta read whatcha girls tagged me for! (as you can see, I'm clueless right now...)
The Cruise....aah...what a wonderful experience! If you all haven't been on a cruise yet, OMG, you just have to add that to your travel wish list! A cruise was always something I wanted to do and with the support and love from all of you guys out there that made it happen for me...THANK YOU! Here's a couple of pics from the cruise...(don't worry, there will be more pics posted in days to come. Don't want to bore you with just cruise talk all one time). I know you guys don't want to be falling asleep with my chatting only about this cruise, but I will post something each day about it...LOTS to share about swaps, demonstrations, make & takes, pillow gifts, the FOOD, the new products to be unveiled...you wanna know?? Check back with me tomorrow....I'm signing off to make banana pancakes for my son who thinks we're still on the cruise and wants a buffet breakfast -haha! I think I need to remind him that I'm not the waitress or chef, Welcome back to the real world! Before I sign off, here's a pic of Nolan and me on the island Half Moon Cay (pronounced Key) with our ship in the background. Most of the people who spent the day on the beach roasted and came back with major sunburn. Since we live right by the beach, we headed back to the ship and spent the first day checking things out...more tomorrow...it's good to be back home!!

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Little C's Creations said...

Welcome back Hunny Buns!!!! It's great to know you're back home. I'm glad I was able to keep you up to date with my blog, now it's your turn. But yes, take your time, and don't dig yourself any deeper. =0) I'm glad that you n' the family enjoyed your cruise!!! How exciting!! Love the photos too!!! Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to more - so I will most definitely be BACK!!!