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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Playing catch up...

Oops! Did you all get this post already? Well if you did, SORRY! I hit the publish button before I was finished!! Here's the **real** post.

This blog is kind of a journal for me and when I don't get to post for a bunch of days, wow! I get all backed up! There is just so much to share with you and there is just never enough time to get on the computer and blog the night (or day) away! Just had to share stuff with you all, so I will do a **catch up** blog... Just had to share these cute 3X3 cards we made during my lunch date with Darcie and Jean last Monday. We try to get together once a month (if our work permits us!) to bounce off ideas and then share a project. Here's what we made courtesy of Jean. Love the pink and brown color theme! Jean is a CTMH consultant. Check out her blog and her awesome ideas!

April flew right past us didn't it?? I didn't get to share with you our Secretaries Day luncheon. This year our wonderful bosses sent us to a new restaurant called Kyoto Ohsho over at Ala Moana Shopping Center Third Floor...it's a Japanese buffet. Now for those of you who personally know me, you know how MUCH I can eat (hehe) but I really did eat over my capacity (for real) and was stuffed! So stuffed that I didn't eat dinner that night...I guess you can say I ate two meals at lunch (talk about saving $). My supervisor Peggy had special treatment when she asked the cook for **hot** shrimp tempura...he made some especially for her and even delivered it to our table! She didn't think he was going to make a special order for her, so she just took what was on the counter...all in all, she ate 11 shrimp! Well, Kristen and I helped her out, right Kris? (I know you're reading this ) It's usually just the four of us secretaries that go out to lunch being that the office is so small, someone has to stay back to answer the phones and help the public! Here's a few pics from that wonderful luncheon!! Thank you to our generous bosses!!

Here I am at my favorite section - desserts! I couldn't resist the chocolate fountain...they had bananas, marshmallows and strawberries to dip...yummy!!
I didn't get to share with you the piles 'n piles of work I had accummulated when I left for my cruise did I?? As you can see, I needed the bulldozer this time around, forget that shovel! Scary huh?? Well, the truth is that this is just a spare desk and these files are ready to be shipped off to storage (not ours, right Kris??) But really, I do love my job!

Oh, Peggy celebrated her birthday on May Day (May 1st), so here is the card I made for the girls to give to her. First time using my cuttlebug embossing folder. They are so fun to use! I don't own a CB machine, but I managed to use this small folder in my sidekick machine. Peg loves cats so had to use these dies. Also used the long notes by SU...what do you think?? I colored these images with ink pad and sponge and the craziest part of all is that I made this card 20 mins before I ran outside to catch the bus to go to work! Nothing like getting stressed out and **awake** before you get to the office!!
Finally, today is National Scrapbook Day! Unfortunately, I didn't get to scrap at all! But it's also Boy's Day and we did manage to hang up Nolan's fishes. These fish are 11 years old and are falling apart. I guess next year, we will need to invest in a new set.
Will try to do another post tomorrow. I'm determined to do some kind of project! Tah-tah for now! Hope you are all having a marvelous weekend!


Allison Rankin said...

These are lovely...nice job!

Little C's Creations said...

hahaha - totally fun having that pic of you n' your files. das cause you're always on the phone with me... tee hee... sorry Linda Lingle - I'll send her back to work...NOT!!! Hey - love your adorable card using the cat - it turned out sooo cute!!! More coming soon...are you ready?!?! hahaha....oh, and thanks for posting the photos of your co-workers, now I get to put faces with their sensual voices.... especially Mz Peggy - what a hottie!! sizzle......

Jean said...

Holy cow Teri, that is one TON of files. No wonder you're always so busy!! And that cute cat...I MUST have it! Oh no, more things to add to my wish list!!