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Friday, May 4, 2007

Sharing the cruise with you!

Wow!, can't believe it's been **days** since I last posted...I guess we can all relate to having a **busy** week!! But, TGIF!!! Lots going on this month that'll keep me even busier - really sad because I miss blogging and sharing with all of you!! In the meantime, while you're waiting for me to break out new ideas, you can now check out my slide show of photos from my cruise! Let me know here what you think! If you are a demonstrator and was thinking about trying to earn the cruise, you should go for it! You won't be disappointed! Unfortunately, I didn't earn it for 2008 (Bermuda), but Shelli unveiled to us on the cruise that in 2009, the incentive trip will be to Hawaii (that is the big island) and the marvelous events will take place at the Waiakaloa Resort! Wow! I'm sure there will be all kinds of goodies! The best part? For us island girls, no long flights, affordable to take the whole family!! If you want to know more, email me! Happy Friday everyone! National Scrapbook Day is tomorrow, May 5th! Also, Boy's Day and Cinco de Mayo! Hugs 'n kisses to all! P.S. My Bellas are on it's way! Yipee!!


Cheryl said...

I can't believe I just looked at all your photos! Must of taken at least half an hour. Haha! Can't wait to hear your stories.

Jus' Mo again... said...

Your slideshow was awesome! You did a great job taking it all in with your camera. Okay, next up...make that scrapbook!! Just kidding, thanks for sharing that with us!

hugs & kisses,

Sheree said...
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Sheree said...

Hi Teri,
I finally signed up and I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your pics especially the ones from your cruise.
Your sis, Cheryl