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Friday, June 8, 2007

6th Grade Graduation - It's a big deal!

This is one of the reasons why I've been absent from the blog world. My son graduated from 6th grade at his school. Of course, being one of the class parents, I was asked to help with the graduation planning. Oh-oh! So a few of us parents met at McDonald's for 2 weeks planning all of the details for this graduation...we finalized the food for their 6th grade celebration party (which was held the second to the last day of school) and activties. I was in charge of the goodie bags for the class and this is what I came up with:
I made 49 bags which included a graduation rubber ducky (those are so popular now!), 2007 glow-in-the-dark glasses, bubbles, candies, pencil with an antenna ball (the ball was a smiley face with a grad hat - cute!). Then I made each child a luggage tag with a picture of a Kolea (the school's mascot) and their name on it. This picture was created using watercolors and was drawn free hand (this was not made by me).
In addition to all of that, as a tradition, I make the teacher a scrapbook consisting of one page with each child's photo on it. Each child had to write a message to the teacher. I also add teacher poems and finished it off with the school chant. I'm working on a slide show of each page of the scrapbook and of the graduation that I'll post for a short while on the side bar of my blog. Am I nuts? Somehow, I think I thrive on stressing myself out. But you know what made it all worth it to me? Last night, as I was cleaning up the mess I made in my workroom, I got a call from Nolan's teacher. She was still in school cleaning up her classroom. She was obviously crying as she spoke on the phone. She told me that she finally had a moment to look at the scrapbook and then she said she just HAD to call me to thank me because this meant so much to her. Wow!! It gave me chicken skin and I felt all teary-eyed too. This is why I do the scrapbook, to make memories, not only for myself, but for others. Here's the first page of the book:
Before signing off, here's a few pics of the graduation...in my days, I sure don't remember completing 6th grade a big deal like this! I don't want to imagine what the high school graduation will be like??????


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to bless someone who has blessed your family. I have no doubt she was deeply moved by your incredibly thoughtful gift....what a sweetie you are.


Little C's Creations said...

What a sweetie!! Thank you for touching the lives of others with your creativeness and unconditional love. That always means a lot especially when it comes to those that are providing education to our little ones. See... it was worth all the gruntin' n' grumblin' right?! Nolan's teachers will never forget you!!!

good job!!!,

Jean said...

I'm watching your scrapbook in the sidebar, and I'm getting teary-eyed too! What an awesome gift...and to know the teacher appreciated it so much makes it even better!!

Anonymous said...

You are unbelievable! That is a wonderful gift to give...I only think about it...I just never have the time or the energy to do it!