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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Digital scrapping

I love everything about scrapbooking! I get excited just reading a magazine and I just love when they introduce all of the **new** products that are about to hit the market! I also love scrapping digitally. I was trying to get cousin Pam and her friend, Ingrid, interested in digital scrapping because it's fast and so much fun once you know how to do it and I know their girls would just love to see themselves starring in their own scrapbook. Now I'm a true beginner in the digital scrapping world but I love using the Memory Mixer program. Here's a page I did tonight and I love it more because I used all shades of my favorite color - PINK! I'm gonna send this to Costco to get printed and so I'll be sending this page to you Pam! I created this page on a square page. Just a tip - if you are going to send these digital pages to Costco to get printed, the gal over at the photo center told me to give them a call after I order my pics online and tell them that I just sent over a special order and explain to them that the pic should be printed on a 8X10 and that I want the pic to be a square. If you do not specify this, they will either call you and tell you that they have a problem printing your pic because they will try to stretch the pic to cover the entire surface of the 8X10 photo paper. Does that make sense?
Well, back to working on the teacher scrapbook. I'm making Nolan's teacher a scrapbook. It's a tradition that I make one at the end of each school year. I took pics of each child at their May Day program and now, I'm scrapping the pages...25+ to be exact. I also include teacher poems and their school motto (all in Hawaiian) on a page. Each child will write a message to the teacher that I will include on their page. I'm planning to cut out each child's name using my Quickutz...Hey!, speaking of QK's...tomorrow (or soon thereafter) I'll be posting an exciting contest especially for you island gals...ooh, are U getting excited? The prizes that will be given to the winners of this contest is awesome. Stay tuned!


Jean said...

Whoa, you're making the teacher an entire scrapbook?!? I'm lucky if I can whip out a card! Which reminds me - school is almost done, and I'd better start doing...doing... something. You go girl!!

Unknown said...

Hi Teri:

I am a little behind in reading posts on your blog. But I just wanted to let you know the digitalscrapbookplace.com has a lot of great freebies and so does scrapbookflair.com. I use digital scrappages for my photoshows.

Love the page.

Carol Lee