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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mini Scrapbook class - you know me, last minute!

Sorry guys, had this in draft and got busy...here's how last minute I was in planning my last class...
Well, it wouldn't be the same if I planned my class a month in advance. No, not me! Right gals?? I'm chatting on the phone with Wini and it must be the guilt of not having any class in the works yet so of course, when I got off the phone, I take the plunge and said to myself, "what the heck, just do a class". I jump online and I decide to plan a class for Monday. Yup!, Monday, June 11th. Monday was a State of Hawaii holiday to honor King Kamehameha and since I'm a state worker, I get to have a day off! yay! Well, the idea for this class started off in the month of May to celebrate Scrapbook month, but of course in May, I was just getting back into the swing of things getting back from the cruise, going back to my job with mountains of work and then taking a last minute trip to San Francisco. And even though I usually have my classes on the last 2 Sundays of the month, this month didn't work because Father's Day falls on the 17th, a Sunday. So...all Saturday, I'm brainstorming with myself on the projects. I knew I want to make scrapbooks and I knew I wanted to a star book, an envelope book and a mini book using the transparent envelopes, but still...what should they look like? What stamp sets do I use? Decisions, decisions!! Well, I finally came up with these finished projects:

Here's the Star book - I embellished it using the cardstock stickers from the level 1 hostess scrapbook set Friends and Flowers. After I created this book, I thought, "Oh, do I have enough stickers for everyone?" So, back to the drawing board, or creating table...I simplified it and used a Sizzix daisy instead. See below for the actual book we made...

The next book is the mini scrapbook using the transparent envelopes as pages. Stamp sets I used: Crab & Company, Open for Trade, It's a Date and Genuine Articles stamp set. My sample includes photos from my trip to San Francisco.

The last project is a scrapbook made out of 5 envelopes. I made this type of scrapbook a long time ago when I was teaching classes at Ben Franklin. Recently, I made an envelope scrapbook with my friend Cheryl. Stamp set I used Wild About You, also used the paper from the Palette O' Paper which promotion ended at the end of May. Used the cute tag punch and made it hanging from the envelope flap to add some interest. One thing I learned is if you're gonna use stamps that are solid, stamp on the whisper white envelopes...so smooth and the images come out so awesome!
Here's Wanida so proud that she completed her star book. You go Wanida!
Thanks to Jean for beating me and posting my projects as she was a attendee at my class! Thanks for coming and I'm glad you had a good time!


Jus' Mo again... said...

hey girl,
Love this stuff! Well, love all your stuff, so nothing new...any templates for this stuff? or instructions?...you know me...hehehe!

jus' mo

Little C's Creations said...

Very Cute (as usual)... Wini's going to let me make these - so looking forward to our get together. Thanks for your BIG ideas sister!!! Love them all!!!! smooches!


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome class...so much to learn and Taelyn had so much fun stamping and making her own project. Your classes are always fun and I love to take the ideas you show and turn them into my own.

***Wanida looks great too!***

Cindy F said...

I just found your blog, while blog surfing. Very cute projects. Wow you sure can put together a class quickly -that's awesome!