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Friday, June 15, 2007

We love comments on our blogs!

Some of us love to visit blogs and post comments (like me!) but others are a bit *shy* about it. For me, I know my blog is not one of those *big time* and *popular* blogs, but it's okay, cuz it's just for fun and I do have limited time on the computer. Okay, "where is this going" you're all thinking...okay, okay...what I wanted to say is that I know all of us bloggers out there love when people comments, cuz that's kinda an indicator that people out there are actually reading YOUR blog. Well, I finally convinced my friend Joy to make a comment! Thanks for commenting Joy, it means alot to me :) I also wanted to share with you these two cards that Joy made. She shared these 2 cards with me. TFS!


Allison Rankin said...

The Seeing Spots card is great!

Cheryl said...

Haha! Lots of lurkers out there. Cute cards Joy!

Jus' Mo again... said...

Here is my comment: Your blog is "popular" and "big time" to me!!! You are my hero...love you and your stuff!!! I have to look at your page daily...it's my fix!

Jus' Mo

Little C's Creations said...

Very cute card!!! TFS!!!

Regarding commenting: sometimes people don't leave comments or have time to comment, but that don't mean they aren't visiting. You can tell that peeps are visiting by the # of counts on your hit counter - and your counter is pretty high compared to others that I've visited. But don't you worry about people not commenting - just have fun with your blog, and do the blog for YOURSELF, use it as a tool to see what you've accomplished and how you've changed throughout the days, months and year, and something that you could possibly use for "scrapping" in the future. =0) I like to think of it as a journal for me - like I'm writing to myself, or the peeps in my head! Hahaha.... If you worry too much about people commenting - then you stop doing it for all the fun reasons. I used to worry about that too, but I've come to realization that sometimes I not going have any comments, and I'm OK with that. Try visiting other people's blogs, and you will see that not every posting will have a comment. But that's alright sister - we're still here...reading all your thought's and ideas. And we're ALL loving every moment of it too!!!

So, keep up the GR8 work, we all love what you do, but most of all, remember to have FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...now I see why I only make cards for friends and family...(they have to be nice to me)...hehehe!

ps. your blog site is the bomb!

Jean said...

Cute cards! I love those spot stamps. Keep posting, we all love it.