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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm a lucky little girl

Wow! that's all I can say is wow!! I'm such a lucky little girl. This past week, I got some really thoughtful gifts. Here's a beautiful card and some Bath & Body works stuff from my sweet friend, Sherry. She was thanking me for the birthday card & sizzix die I sent over to her for her birthday. Now it's my turn to say THANK YOU!
Then, I got a box full of goodies from cousin Pam!! Pam bought for me the Stylized Flower CB embossing folder (and I didn't have it yet!), 3 rolls of ribbon (she must've spied on me as I was browsing at Michaels!), some digital scrapbooking programs and the most beautiful sterling silver heart necklace with Nolan's name on the heart. Here I had my soft friend, Piglet model the necklace for me. I totally LOVE this Pam!! Pam received the same necklace from her friend Lorraine and I thought this was the cutest piece of jewelry. If you want to check it out more, the company is called Heart On Your Wrist Unique Mommy Jewelry Thank you so much Pam! Love you! Thank you Alyssa, for my precious card!! I love it and you too!

Also in that wonderful box of goodies, was a gift from Ingrid. Ingrid is one of Pam's best friends and I was so happy to have met Ingrid while I was visiting Pam. We spent Memorial Day at Ingrid's house. She invited us to a BBQ and boy, is she a great cook! I learned to like drinking tea after dinner. Ingrid served the most mellow tea - Chrysanthemum tea...so soothing! It was so relaxing to drink tea and talk story. Anyway, Ingrid sent to me a book called "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. Ingrid, I've already started reading it on my bus ride home! She also included this beautiful card too! Lucky me!! Love the wonderful RAK's I got.
Speaking of RAKs...I'm so proud of myself that I sent my RAK out early! This is for the JT's monthly aloha RAK club. I will reveal my RAK card once the RAK is received. I won't spoil it!

Just a bit of info...know why I refer to myself as little?? I think I'm the smallest (or some might refer it to shortest) in our group of ladies. My son will soon be taller than me and he's only 12! haha!
Happy weekend everyone! Tomorrow night, we're going to the Manoa Valley Theater to see "Working" - it's a musical. Thanks to my friend Pearl for the certificate! My date is no other than my pal Wini...we're even going out to celebrate Wini's bday - a little belated but I'm looking forward to a relaxing night out!


Corie said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot. This week must have been the week for goodies.

Have fun tonight!!!

kathy said...

Wow I guess you did have a good week.

Little C's Creations said...

yippee for you!!! you got some great RAKs!!!

Little C's Creations said...

oh and BTW - hope you and Ms. Wini have a nice quiet night out together...and hopefully no interupted calls.... tee hee...

hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

What a great week for Happy Mail. WooHOO.

Anonymous said...

So much cool stuff...and who wouldn't be able to use some bath and body works! It's amazing that someone found something to buy for you...knowing you have almost everything! You truly deserve it! you are the best!