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Thursday, August 2, 2007

and the birthday party continues...

Hey ladies! Thanks to those of you who have submitted comments to my birthday giveaway contest! Gotta say that if you are submitting your comments to **play** to remember to include 1) my real age, 2) the age I'd like to be and why. okay??
Yesterday, I got an email from Joy who told me to stop by the CU to see them - I usually stop by on my way home cuz that's the way to the bus stop! But Joy and Raelene surprised me when they came to visit me at my office! Look at all the goodies they brought over for me! **Thank you**!! You guys spoil me! This adorable, sweet floral pot from my friends at the Hawaii State FCU Alii Branch. The gang there **Rocks!** You won't find a more friendly, helpful staff at any bank! Hi guys! Thanks for reading my blog!
Look at the card Joy made for the bank staff to sign, isn't it totally cute? And of course, it's Pink too! Love all of the glitter!
Here's a gift from Joy and her princess Taelyn...they spoil me! Thank you, thank you!! Joy, the cards are so awesome! Love them both!


Jackie said...


Hope your day was as special as you are!


p.s. the system prompts me as many times as there are comments posted in one entry, so I gave up trying to post to the previous day with 20 comments...argh!

Anonymous said...

WE LOVE YOU...You are so special and unique to us here at the Hawaii State FCU...We love it when you come in to the branch to brighten our day!

As for me...We just love you to pieces for being such a wonderful friend to me and being a great aunty to Taelyn! thank you for your friendship...

corinnesomerville said...

Beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady !!!