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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Had to post something!

This is a photo album that I covered and decorated a while back, but I love it and had to post something since I've been absent another week from the blog world. I bought a whole bunch of cute mini photo albums from Price Busters and covered them with scraps of paper. Then added the frog, a QK die, button and ribbon, simple!
I'm hoping to finish some cards tonight so I can start posting again. Other happenings to be shown soon is the fun baby shower for Carri that we had on Sunday. Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

You should post the card Wini made and the flower one you made with the punch box...those cards were so good too!
I am so into making cards and stuff that I haven't touched my scrapbook in over a year! My poor daughter keeps asking me..."mom when are you going to put more pictures in my scrapbook?" my thought is...if I die today what will she have left? so I better get on it!

Jean said...

Cute photo album! Why is it that you always find the good stuff at dollar stores, and I just find junk? Ha!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Jeans comment cracks me up! At least you have a dollar store to go to! :-)

Cute album.


Pattyjo said...

Hello Teri,
What an adorable frog card! I love the way he looks like he is going to crawl right off the card. Your cards are so nice!