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Monday, August 13, 2007

My gals make 50 Christmas cards!

We did it! Today was our demonstrator DL class to make the 50 Christmas cards using the Winter Bright Simply Scrappin scrapbook kit. There were 8 ladies who came to make their cards and were successful! Yay! Good job, ladies!!

Here's a few pics of the gals hard at work! Most finished under 4 hours. We had a late start because while we were waiting for the whole group to come, we sat down to look at all of the wonderful RAK cards I've been receving! Of course we had to stop for a bite to eat too. It was another scorcher of a day (really hot and muggy weather) and although we were outside in the garage where supposidly those tradewinds were supposed to be blowing, they seemed to have been a little lost because boy, were we roasting!! To make things worse, we have a hurricane coming our way, oh my! Sorry guys, I don't have A/C!! But that's okay...we enjoyed pizza, salad, brownies, donuts, iced tea/water...in the heat and all had a good time. Thanks for coming ladies!!

For this class, I had the tables set up as classroom style and it worked out great! I put all the cards on a poster board and hung it up so everyone could see. Here's Wini and I posing by the sample board. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

WOW! looks like you gals had a blast...but it also looks like so much work...I'm getting kinda nervous for this class...so much stuff to do in so little time! it will be fun though...I just know it!

Little C's Creations said...

oh how fun!!! you gals had a blast!!! must've been very nice to not have someone around dogging your stuffs! =0) wink wink...


Anonymous said...

Oh Teri what a blast! It looks like evryone was having so much fun !! How Blessed they all are to have you.
Your rockin GF!!
Love & hugs
Dawn griffith

corinnesomerville said...

Hey Teri :)....It looks like everyone had a great time (but how could you not have a great time when Teri is around :)...I love the cards too...great job !!!

Love ya....

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Looks like lot of fun and 50 cards done!