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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nice Matters Award

Another award? Wow! I know that this came in a week or so ago, but I'm only getting to this now!! I got this cool nice matters award from Corie (Creations by Corie). Corie is such a sweet gal, I feel like I personally know her. It's so cool that we meet and get to know each other through our love for stamping, scrapping and blogging. Corie has sent me such beautiful cards (thank you!) and it's a joy to reciprocate sharing with her too!! Here are the five gals that I'm awarding the nice matter awards to:

1) Jean - Stamping spot studio. Jean is my friend and a CTMH consultant. She is part of our lunch trio that shares great projects and supplies tons of CTMH catties to all of us to drool over, thanks Jean! You are so nice!

2) Corinne - Stamping with Roxy. Now this gal has some cool ideas going. I just love her! From the first comment I made on her blog, she personally emailed me and I feel like I've know her forever! You gotta check out her blog - cool projects! Thanks Corinne!

3) Cheryl - Life is Sweet. Cheryl and I have have regular lunch dates to blab about what else? stamping and scrapping! Cheryl shares with me the latest scoops with all of these cool products. We also share the same passion for clothes, shoes and bags. I gotta say though that Cheryl is the queen of shoes and bags!

4) Wini. My main gal. Although she's not a blogger, I know she reads our blogs. This gal deserves this nice matters award because she is THE BEST!! Get this ladies, for every class that I do, she is THE ONE that stands right next to me. She is always there to help me cut my cardstock and make the kits! It goes beyond that and I truly couldn't do it without her and I'm hearing her say, "yes you can." But the truth is, yeah, I can, but I will struggle! Thank you SO MUCH Wini!!! Love you!

5) Last but not least, Joy. Joy doesn't have a blog either (don't you want one now girlfriend??). Joy is my personal bank teller (haha!) and we've become such great friends. Joy is such a talented cardmaker although she would beg to differ. You really are!! Joy is also a faithful participant in my monthly classes and every time I see her, she is always so cheerful and happy. She and her daughter Taelyn are like family to me. hugs & kisses to you!

There are so many other gals that deserve this nice matters award, but I was trying to award it to some of the gals that didn't get awarded this yet. Thank you to all of you who come back and check out my blog!


Cheryl said...

Hey Teri, wow wee! Thanks for the award!!! By the way, are we doing lunch this week?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! It is so sweet of you!
You are definitely the best!