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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Best Blog Friend

The blog world is so popular now. I'm so glad that I'm getting to meet fun gals from all over the world! A while ago, I got this Best Blog Friend from Corie and just totally forgot about posting it! Sorry, Corie girl! Of course, a couple days ago, I got this also from Corinne (aka Roxy). You guys are definately Best Blog Friends!! I love you both. I'm sure you all are not strangers to Corie and Corinne's blogs...they are fabulous! If you want inspiration, you gotta check them out! Since this post is long overdue, I want to say that all of you are my best blog friends. Lots of you already were awarded with this cute blogger friend...Thank you to all of you who are supporters of my journal! Hugs!


Jules said...

Hi Teri, I was in your swap group! I just love the santa card! Thank you so much! I posted the cards from our group on my blog today, along with a link! Thanks again! Take care!

Corie said...


corinnesomerville said...

Ahhh....Teri.....you make me blush !!! I'm a huge fan of Corie so to be included in with her is a ginormous compliment !!! Thanks for your kind words my friend...you're truly the best !!!

Love ya