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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Girl's Night Out!

Having a girl's night out was a fabulous idea! It was so long overdue for all of us because we barely have any spare time to squeeze in a little girlfriend outing. We got together on Friday night at Wini's house - a belated bday celebration for me. Wow! I don't remember having a bday party cuz it's been too long. We had a wonderful dinner of garlic chicken, pork ribs, look fun noodles, char siu pork, caesar salad and California pan sushi - Yummy!! Thank you ladies for the delicious food!! Oh, and ice cream anyone?? It's been so hot here lately, ice cream was just the perfect touch after our meal. We actually made chocolate sundaes with toppings - more yummy!!
Jen wrote our names on these cute glasses Wini bought - unfortunately, they all washed off.

We had our group picture taken by Wini's son, Kevin (thanks Kevin!).
Here's Joyce doing one of her card projects (more on the awesome projects in the next post).

Sandy and Jackie pose for me (actually, I made them pose - thanks, ladies!)
And also had Barbara stop to smile for me too!

Last, but of course, not least, here's Irene, waiting to consume the yummy dessert!
Thank you ladies, I had a wonderful time! I couldn't have wished for a more fun birthday party...good friends, good food, good projects...*sigh* - I am a lucky girl!!


Anonymous said...

You scream...I scream...we all scream for ICE CREAM! You gals looked like you all had a blast and it's always good to get together and have a girls night out. We all deserve a little special time! I'm glad you all had fun!

Jean said...

Food! Gotta love local potlucks! Glad you gals had fun.

Corie said...

Ice cream too -- OK Now I really wish I could zap myself over there for the fun.

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun!