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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm so honored!

This past Friday, our Department had our 2007 Annual Incentive & Service Awards Ceremony. I was lucky to be nominated employee of the year. Although I was not the recipient of the award, it was an honor for my co-workers to nominate me. Thank you!! Talk about a double delight day. At the same ceremony, I was awarded a certificate for 10 years of service. Here's a picture of me with our Director and Deputy Director. A funny note, not sure if you can see the name on the certificate, but it's not my name. what????!!!! The guy that was supposed to be called before me didn't show up, so I guess the program went on and they mistakenly gave me the wrong certificate. I received my very own certificate after the ceremony.


Little C's Creations said...

Oh wow girlie!!! Congrats!!! Big Pat On YOUR Back!!! Hahahaha... yea, I can see that you were "Stephen Okumura" for a few seconds. tee hee.... maybe I should call you "Stephanie" from now on?!


Corie said...

YEAH for Teri!!!!! Congrats!!!!

BTW -- I guess you really are a little girl -- but so beautiful (inside and out)


Risa said...

Congratulations Teri!!!!! Do you get that well deserved raise now??? Just kidding :)

corinnesomerville said...

CONGRATULATIONS, SWEETIE !!! You'll always be "employee of the DECADE" in all of our hearts !!!!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS...TERI...you may not have won the employee of the year...but you are the MOST DEDICATED person of the year...to all you do...all the classes you hold and all the hard work, love and sweat you put into your creations...we love you for it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award. I know it was well deserved.
Thank you for letting me come to your tag class too.