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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Suggestions for a scrapbook layout & blog candy!

Calling all scrapbooking blog sisters! I am in need of some help! I'm making a scrapbook page for my co-worker, Alice of her cutie pie grand daughter, Emiko. After I make the page, I'm going to be putting it in a shadow box frame (love those!) It was Alice's birthday last week and this is my gift to her. Here's where I need the help. I'm looking for the perfect title for this page and my mind is drawing blank...I'm also tying this in to my contest to win some blog candy for my 5K hits! So ladies, send me a comment with your suggestion on a perfect title for this page. I'm gathering up some yummy candy, which I'll post later cuz I'm ready to leave for work now. I'll be closing this contest on Friday, September 7th so hurry!
P.S. Thank you to all of you who subscribe, visit and comment on my blog. I've made so many friendships near and far through this blog!


Rita said...

Just in case it rains!
Out for a stroll
It might rain...ya know!

Good luck. She's adorable!

Cheryl KVD said...

Hello! here are my ideas:
Puddles and Puppy Dogs
Raindrops and smiles
Grandma's Darling
Raining Cats and Dogs
Liquid Sunshine

Cheryl KVD

Ijsbeer said...

Cute beats rain everytime..
Grandma's sunshine

I don't know. I am no good with titles but she is so so cute!! Good luck with your project:)

Monika said...

How about... Walking down the runway
My Modeling carrier
Modeling...what a great job
Look out here I come.

Anonymous said...

"Look out world...here I come!"


"Look at me...I'm cute as can be!"


"Rain or shine...I'm ready!"

okay...that's all I got...thanks for always having these cute kind of things to share...your blog is the bomb!

Jan Scholl said...

Naking a Fashion statement!

Pat said...

Going to Grandma's

Grandma's Girl

Such a cute picture!


Anonymous said...

We are ready for the rain!

Grandma's precious girl!

congrats on your 5,000 hits!

Jenny Wrona

Lulu said...

How cute is she!
I'm seeing this whole Bohemian Cowgirl thing happening with the cute little cowgirl boots. I'm seeing the colors as SU Mellow Moss, Chocolate Chip & Pretty In Pink. So here are my title ideas: How about "It Never Rains On A Cowgirls Parade" or (such a cute doggie too) "I Like it When it Rains Cats & DOGS - Look What I Caught" or "Puppies & Puddles - Grandma's Little Cuties"
Just some thoughts.
Have Fun!

jodene said...

Very cute pictue. Congrats to your hits! My idea is On my way or Rain and Shine. Thanks for the chance!

Cathy M said...

What a sweetie pie Emiko is. This is a fun way to celebrate 5K and to get that light bulb flickerin with ideas. Here are some ideas:




Good luck on the title and thanks for a chance at the mystery candy.

Scott Franson Photography said...

My suggestion:
"I have all I need !"
What a cutie. You have a wonderful blog.

Pattyjo said...

Alice's Sundrop
Alice's Sunshine
Alice's Heart
I am a grandma and these are words I use with my grandchildren. They are the sunshine of my life!
Without them old age is miserable

Angel said...

I think what you said sounds great..."Cutie Pie" or how about her name or just Grandma's Little Girl. OR I just looked up the meaning of Amiko and it means "Smiling Child" or "Child Graced with Beauty" I like Smiling Child as your title. :-)

Anonymous said...

Look who's got style!!!

Jackie said...

Early CONGRATS on 5K hits!
Here's my suggestion:

"Forecast: Rain...watch out for poodles!"

okay, it's not a poodle, but that's the only dog pun I could think of. The lunch date was great and I LOVE

Momsnack said...

Prepared for Anything!

NancyS (momsnack)

Kathi B said...

What an adorable cutie pie!

I like: "You are my sunshine"

Suzanne said...

I like CAKVD's ideas of Puddles and Puppy dogs and Grandma's Darling. The other idea I had was Beauty or Smile - since that's what her name means.... (Child graced with beauty or smiling child).

Rebecca said...

How about: "A girl's gotta be ready for anything" or "You gotta be prepared" or "I'm running away, so don't try to stop me." She's adorable, so anything you put with it will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, "grandma's li'l cowgirl" ??? I'm blank too, sorry. :) lol

doverdi said...

How about:
Ready for Rain or Just in Case. What a cute subject for your project.

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

"Bring it on...I'm ready!!"
She's adorable.

Unknown said...

first thing that came to mid was "I'm Ready, Let's go...

congrats on the hits.!

Anonymous said...

Here;s another couple of ideas for you.
-Big Smiles aren't just for Sunny days.
-I'll be Happy, rain or shine

Emily said...

She is such a cutie!

What about

I'm walking on sunshine, but ready for rain.

You can stand under my um-b-rella ella ella...okay totally joking, but do you know that song..lol.

dasimonds said...

Absolutely Adorable picture.



Thanks for a chance to WIN.
Great blog..congrat on your 5,000+ hits.

Elaine said...

Where's the rain when you want it?

It Never rains when you want it to!

Me and my doggie are going to look for some rain!

Jodie said...

Rain or Shine...having fun all the time.


Sophia said...

Here are a few...

Don't Rain on My Parade

I'm No Stranger to the Rain

Have fun, choosing the title's