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Friday, October 26, 2007

What in the world???!! Missing - Blog candy post

I guess being off the blog for a few days I was wondering why some of you emailed me to ask me how to get to my post for the blog candy. Well, here's what happened - I thought I'd add more "candy" to this post and pulled up the original post to edit...I had to log off cuz it was getting late and when I logged off I LEFT IT IN DRAFT MODE!!! Okay, we can all say it together now..."DUH!!" sorry, so lame huh. So now, I just posted some cards and when I checked the posts, and I was wondering what in the world happened to my post for blog candy and when I went into the posting, I saw that it still read draft. I'm so sorry!!
The original post and the ETA is now safely back in the posting area and you can still send some advice my way. I am going to be giving away a bunch of my Breast Cancer Awareness packs since I have a few left. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO PURCHASED THESE SETS TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE.

1 comment:

Gina Wrona said...

I see, technical difficulties, so who won on Sunday? Or, did you not draw yet? wink, wink.....