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Friday, November 2, 2007

More Halloween projects and an eventful Hallow-eve!

As usual, it all catches up with me {sound familiar???} and here I was on the eve of Halloween busy getting "treats" for the teachers. I've never heard of this before, but that afternoon, Nolan came home and told me that this was an optional thing, but they were having a "treat for the teacher" day. Giving the teachers treats was part of the festivities along with an optional Halloween costume contest. Now I'm new at this - you know, the transition of having notices sent home so we know what's going on in school drill. I'm still on elementary school mode, you know? Um, back to the gifts...it was absolutely too late to make stuff, soooooo we had to run to the mall to look for token gifts. The easiest was gift cards which we ended up getting for most of them (he has 6 teachers) and then of course a Garfield comic book for his social studies teacher. But wait! back up!...before we were able to go to the mall, he had to finish his science project! The project was to gather mud/water from a natural source. Eric took him to my aunt's house in Enchanted Lake to gather the specimen - ugh! Glad I wasn't a part of it! And thank goodness for my dad helping him put it together. Here's a couple of pics of the wonderful event. He now has to set this experiment in a cool place and make observations daily, oh how fun!

Okay, back to my Halloween projects!! Since all of these events happened in the time that I allotted to do MY Halloween projects, I had to haul all of my unfinished projects to work to finish. Did I tell you I ride public transportation?? I take the City Bus to work and I leave at 5:45 a.m. (whose still sleeping??) Anyway, I made these projects and finished them at work as most of these were to give to work people. I totally forgot my camera, so had to ask Kristen if she had one and she did! Thanks Kris for taking these pics! You all recognize this Starbuck's Frappuccino bottle...I filled it with black & orange m&m's, which was hard for me to find!! I love the spider from the Booglie Eyes stamp set! I used a Taken with Teal stampin' write marker and pulled off color with my blender pen, loved how it turned out! Also used the Creepy Crawly designer series paper to wrap around the bottle.
I did a whole bunch of these spiders and adhered them on the scalloped circles. They worked great on these lollipops! Can you see the hinged tin in the background? I love my hinged tin that I got from Papertrey, Ink. These tins can hold 12 Hersheys nugget candies. But since I ran out, I filled it with black and orange M&M's and candy corn. Added some DS paper, ribbon and the cute Frankenstein image also from the Booglie Eyes stamp set.
I also love these round tins! I ordered them from Jen through TAC...I love this mummy too! (he's also from the Booglie Eyes stamp set). I colored him the same way as I did the spider, very fast! Thanks for looking today!


corinnesomerville said...

Next year I'm coming to Hawaii to trick or treat at your house !!!!

Love ya :)

Unknown said...

Wow - you were busy this Halloween. Cute ideas.

Rita said...

You were a busy bee, girl! Luv your ideas! I saw that bottled 4 pack filled with candy, so I decided to do that for my daughter for Christmas with a gift card to Star Bucks. One of her gifts I might add, I tend to go over board, I still think their kids & not adults, I need to get out of that habit of buying too many gifts, even they think it's a bit much...Hehehe!!!

Stamping Moments said...

Your Halloween treats look fantastic, I loved playing with the Booglie Eye set. Jenny x

Little C's Creations said...

great job on the last minute things, girl! you know how when it boils down, the steam comes kickin'!!! Love all your cute creations!!! Flossy, Flossy!!!


Lori said...

WOW!!! All of these treats are GREAT!!! Love the colors you used :)


Anonymous said...

you are always so festive...I was so stressed out about making things for Taelyn's class, soccer friends, cousins and my own soccer team...that I thought I was going bonkers! thank goodness it's over and I can do other things. love your ideas!

Clara AKA kalela said...

Ugh...I hate being so "out of the loop" now that my son is in 7th grade too! It makes me kinda nuts because I like to be connected to what's going on & not be so dependent on having Cody tell me (or NOT) what's going on.

Love the Halloween treats though--so festive & cute!