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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wrapping up 2007

We can relax, Christmas 2007 came and went and we can soon move on to getting ready for the new year. We had house guests on Christmas eve. My cousin and his daughter spent the night as they were enroute to Austrailia. They had a 24 hour stop over here in Honolulu. It was so nice to see them and spend a part of Christmas with them too. Mom was a wild woman a few days before Jeff & Kelly arrived. She made us clean every nook & cranny the house for our guests, boy was I pooped! The good news out of all of this cleaning madness is that I don't have to work as hard trying to clean up the house next week to welcome the new year!
I know Chistmas is all done, but wanted to share some Christmas raks I received from my stamping sisters and also from some blog sisters too! Thank you ladies! You've made my holiday special! I'll be posting a few at a time unless I find the time to do a slide show so you can see them all in one post! Can you believe that I'm still working on finishing my stamped cards - hey, they're holiday cards and we ARE still celebrating the holidays!
Here's a card I received from cousin Pam in California. OMG!! so much work! I know you used your cricut didn't you!! Absolutely fabulous card!! Thanks Pam!

This other fabulous card and gift tag came from Pam's friend, Ingrid. Thanks Ingrid!! I love these - thank you so much for thinking of me! Stay tuned for more card posts. I'm still gathering up goodies to give away. Be patient with me, I'm only now starting to return to being a "normal" person...(is that possible? you ask???) Hope I can post more tomorrow - TGIF!!!

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Little C's Creations said...

Oh how cool to have family visit, huh?! Did you get your cousin's daughter interested in some crafty things?! hee hee....