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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Girl's Day Out! I love it! Met Jill at Ala Moana and we must've visited every shop there! Well, maybe I exaggerated about every shop, but we did pop in and out of alot of shops! Not to mention trying on clothes and buying them too! We did pretty good though and bought only sale stuff - good bargains!! I had planned to take pics of our shopping adventure and I brought my camera, so what's the problem?? Brainy girl here was downloading pics to my computer and forgot to put the memory card back into the camera when I was done, so...I was only able to get 4 pics stored on the internal memory in the camera - waaahhh! Well, anyway, all that shopping built up an appetite, so we headed to Waikiki to eat at Senor Frogs. Jill eats at all of these neat places because her boyfriend loves to try all kinds of places. Me? I come home and cook, which is fine, but I have no clue where to go, what kind of food is good - etc. So...here we are. The place was mild during the lunch hour. We had 4 waiters wait on us which I thought was unusual because there were only four waiters working. The food was yummy and we had so much fun! Here's a couple of pics of us in the front of the restaurant: Here's Jill...
And here is one of us that the waiter took of us inside. Yes, I am really that short and Jill is really tall. How could we be related??
After lunch. we strolled down the beach walk and ate gelato...more yum! It was wonderful to spend a girl's day out...hopefully, we can squeeze in another one soon!! Well, the weekend is over and it's back to work Monday tomorrow. I had my second customer class today so I will be posting the cards tomorrow. Thanks for checking in today!


Maria said...

Hey Teri!

Thanks for the well wishes on my new venture!

I've never been to Senor Frogs! It must be a new place. Looks like a cool place! I have to say Jill looks like a giant next to you! LOL!

Glad to hear you had fun!


Rita said...

Are you standing on your tip toes girl??? Your too funny! Looks like you two had lots of fun eating & shopping...that's always fun!!!