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Saturday, January 5, 2008

A rak for The Hidden Treasure Shop and New Year's Eve photos!

A while back, Jen posted on her blog that her sister's shop in California is celebrating their anniversary. Well, as you all know, I am a little behind in everything, but wanted to make a card to send to wish Nasha a Happy Anniversary! Here's what I came up with. The stamp is an oldie - it's a MAMBI (me and my big ideas) stamp layered with only orange and green galore. I used SU On The Edge Alphabet -lower case alphas for the aloha. The paper is the textured Apricot Appeal CS from SU that I got from one of their scrap kits and more of the glitter CS from the stack that Jen gave me for Christmas.
I wanted to show you the envelope I stamped for this card. I still love this Do the Hula stamp set. The word ALOHA is a whipper snapper stamp.Okay, gotta share some family and mochiko pics. I can't believe that this is the first year that I did not take any pics on Christmas day by our tree. That is usually the standard and Nolan knows the drill. Now I remember why we didn't do this! I was busy cooking breakfast for cousin Jeff and Kelly. So, before I took down the tree, I made Nolan stand by the tree. That is a fake smile he did just for the camera - what a monkey.
Here's a picture of Mochiko taking over my scrap table. I heard from my dad that while I was at work, she had a ball walking all over it and checking out everything that I had on the table.
Here she is again, fast asleep on my computer chair on New Year's Eve. I can't believe that she slept through all of the fireworks! Lucky kitty didn't have to put up with the noisy evening!
Nolan and Dad lighting up some fireworks!
Here's my niece Jen getting ready to light some fireworks. Love the pucker lips.
Nolan, Jen and Ally pose for me. Actually, I kinda made them pose for me and made them squeeze real close. Pic comes out great!
Of course, after that shot, they wanted to do a goofy pose and here's how that came out - sheesh!

Well, thanks for stopping by today. Tomorrow, I will be posting two fun cards and hopefully, if I can get my act together, post my blog candy!!


Unknown said...

Love reading your blog - I have that hula girl MAMBI stamp too but never used it. Cute card and decorated envelope!

Elaine said...

Love your card!! I think Nolan is sooooo cute, man oh man what a smile!! I love the one with him and the sisters (Jen & Ally)...though I'm not really sure if they are his sisters...I mean that figuratively!

Maria said...

Hey Teri! Love the pictures of your family!

Your card looks fabolous too! I have that stamp as a matter of fact!

As for sending the card late. . . hey, you know. . .better late than never, right! I'm late on everything! I think it's a busy stamper thing!


Little C's Creations said...

Thanks for sending my sister this card, girl! It's awesome!!! She will be tickled!!! Love all the family photos. Looks like everyone had a "blast".


corinnesomerville said...

It looks like everybody had a great time !! Happy 2008 my dear friend !!!

Love ya