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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Will you be an angel to Seven children who need cards of love right now?

ETA: Sorry, I missed attaching this last email on my post. Just thought you would like to have the complete story. I hope you will join me in sharing some love with these children. This was the last update I received from Kelly yesterday morning (Friday, January 11).

Our precious Dottie Landro went to be with our Lord just a short while ago this morning. She is no longer bound to a wheelchair or in any pain. In answer to so many prayers..she was at home surrounded by her family who have gathered here to be together during this difficult time. Details of a celebration of her life here on Oahu will be sent later......

Sometimes you have to drop everything to do what's right. I started this post last night when I received a email from one of my downline, Kelly. She was putting out a call for "Angels" to make cards to support the 7 children of Dottie who was battling breast cancer. Anyway, the reason why the post didn't get posted is because I wanted to share with you all the cards I made for the children and it took me a while to select the right stamps and then, I went online to search for angel poems, quotes and sayings to include in these cards. By the time I was done with all of this, it was midnight and I was running out of energy (FYI, my normal week day wake up is 3 AM). So, with my mind set that I was going to take the photos of the cards I made and post them today, I read my email in the morning and saw this follow up email from Kelly. Not good news. At the bottome of this post, I share with you the initial email searching for Angels and then the follow up email and the cards I made for the children. I will be dropping off the cards this weekend to Kelly to share with the children. I fully supported the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign back in October (thanks to everyone who helped my project!) although I have never had any personal experience in knowing someone who has been through it. My heart goes out to these children who just lost their mother. I leave today's post in asking any of you who could spare some time to make a card to send to them, you know it will make a difference. Thank you for stopping by today and for reading this long post. Sending {{hugs}} to all of you. Here are the cards I made for the children:

Most of the Angel stamps were all from Whipper Snapper. They all have dazzling diamonds on them and I used whatever cardstock I had to match the angels.

This angel is from CTMH. I love this stamp (it's actually a Christmas stamp).

Oops, a little problem here. Mochiko got into the action while I was trying to take photos of the cards.

Let's try this again..This stamp is from Juju's Tiny Treasure, so cute & sweet.
Here's the post I was going to send last night:
Aloha! one of my stamping sisters and downline, Kelly, has a friend who is losing her battle with breast cancer. Dottie has seven children who are in need of lots of hugs, love and encouragement at this difficult time. Can you help? Kelly is asking, if you could, make cards for one or all of the children to share some aloha. Here is Kelly's email. If you would like to send some love in a card, please send them to Kelly at the address in the email. You don't have to make a card, if you want to send a bought one, that would be great too. Thanks so much for caring! As my friend Corinne from Canada would say "hug the ones you love"...she's right!! Sending BIG {{hugs}} to all of you!

Here's Kelly's email -
Angels needed!! My friend, Dottie, is losing her battle with breast cancer. She is leaving us soon. Seems like a matter of days..if not hours. She leaves behind her 7 precious children and a caring husband. I would like to ask you to help me extend a gesture from the heart and give these children something to hold on to while facing such a great loss. I would like to ask if you could make a cheerful, encouraging card to send aloha to each child personally. I would like for you to choose one child or make one card for each of them if you desire.. but I do want them to be individual cards so they can put them next to their beds or under their pillows at night. Something that says we care and to find hope in this difficult time. The youngest one is only 8 years old. Imagine losing your mother in the second grade. I will post their names below for you... if you do want to make just one card.. could you e-mail me with the name so we can make sure each child gets one. My address is 1hulagirl@peoplepc.com and my name is Kelly. You can mail the finished cards to 916 Auloa Rd. #A , Kailua, Hi 96734 attention Kelly
Mahalo from the heart
Amanda age 8 Scott age 16
David age 10 Julia age 17
Laura age 12 Michelle age 20
Diana age 14


Unknown said...

What a nice gesture to do for the children, though I feel for them now. Love all the cards you made and so appropriate. I need to broaden my choices of stamps too.

Risa said...

Your cards for this family are awesome Terri! The idea of sending all of the children a card is beautiful....my heart and prayers go out to this family.

Anonymous said...

Teri - very kind of you to post that on your blog. Your cards are an inspiration and I will be making some for the children as well!. It's terrible to lose your mom to cancer especially at 8, I was 27 and that was hard.
Jenny Wrona

Gina Wrona said...


I put 7 cards in the mail today for each of Dottie's children. I hope the bright vibrant colors will bring some comfort to them as each day passes. I lost my dad in 1988 when I was 22 and he was 41 just 5 days after my birthday. This year it'll be 20 years and I can't believe that much time has gone by so fast. In the beginning it doesn't seem like you can go on, but like I said it'll be 20 years this March.