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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Awards and Tags!

Does anyone know the real reasons for these tags?? Sorry for being so tardy in posting these tags. Have to be honest, been too darn busy for tags, but Thanks to Jen for this "Bitch" tag...yeah, aren't we all at one time or another! But I love her explanation of bitch and I agree, I am a bitch! Thanks Jen! Got this Excellent award from Rita Santos - Thanks Rita!! You're so sweet to give me this award. I tell ya, in the blogging world, you make so many kind and sweet friends and Rita is one of them. There are so many of you out there that deserve this Excellent award but I believe that alot of you already have been nominated. Since I'm so tardy on this post, I'd say that if you would read this post and haven't been nominated with this cool award, consider yourself tagged with this excellent award!

I've been tagged by Stephanie Earls. She had 2 tags on her post and you could choose either one. Here's the one I chose. I have to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about me and then tag five random people. I won't be tagging others because most of the ladies that I want to tag already have done this one, so here's the 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about me:

1) I have to put "my face on" everyday whether I go out or not. The only time I don't put any make up on is when I'm sick. I think it's a habit of mine to get ready when I get up and put my contact lenses in - wierd huh.

2) I don't like condiments. I'm a plain food eater. I won't eat a hamburger if it had ketchup on it even if you wiped it off!

3) I don't like lizards (geckos) - they give me the creeps especially if they are in my house! I once rolled over one with my foot and skinned it - I freaked out and my BIL had to pick it up and take it outside!! yuck!!

4) I don't watch TV and I'd rather work in quiet - no noise. The no TV watching is because I get up so early and have such long days, once I stop moving, you know, to sit still to watch the TV, I will fall asleep! The quiet because since my day is filled with so much activity, I like the peace to wind down, I know, wierd!

5) I love to buy scrapping and stamping idea books and seem to have this collection that I rarely refer back to. How dumb is that??

6) I love to eat sweets! It's a wonder I haven't gained weight or have bad complexion. I know that as some of you who personally know me are thinking in your head that the reason why I don't gain weight is because I'm a hyper person - haha! It's true, I am and I can't sit still!!

Thanks for sharing a part of your weekend with me!

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Rita said...

Your welcome Teri! Thank you so much for your compliment! blush, blush!!!