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Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogging blues

I've got the blogging blues and I don't know how it happened! What has come over me the past week is strange and I haven't been in the mood for blogging or creating. How could that be?? Possibly all of the extra stress from a pre-teen child and problems with homework?? I'm sure some of you can relate. Could it be the additional stress of having too much on my little plate?? Well, whatever the reason is, it happened and I've been feeling overwhelmed, tired and frustrated. Thank goodness for my friends. I've been getting happy mail so, after a week of absence (thank you to those who noticed I was MIA!) I'm back to at least post and acknowledge these sweet gals for the awesome raks. I received this rak from Dottie Kinnear. She was my gal to rak for JT's aloha monthly rak for February. This card is beautiful as there were so many different pieces to it! Love the ribbon. Thanks Dottie! I hope you read this dottie (since you don't have a blog).
Got this rak from Cheryl M. a while back and totally forgot to post it. I bought this Bella for Cheryl for Christmas. Cheryl can't pass up a good shoe sale, well, maybe not even on sale. She has a thing for shoes! Do you have more than Emelda? haha!, just kidding. I love the ovals on this card and the blings too, but sorry girl, I can't get used to these colors just yet :) Oh!, BTW, check out Cheryl's new banner on her blog here. The talented Ms. Jen made this for her when Cheryl's banner disappeared mysteriously. Fabulous job sister!
I met Denise on the blogs. Denise is an island gal and she has been a "regular" on my blog - thanks Denise!! She finally started her own blog! Stop by and say hello to her and send her some hugs. Check out her blog here. Denise sent me this package of raks...wow! That was so sweet of you!! I appreciate this wonderful surprise!
I got this little surprise from my friend Joy. Isn't this cute? It's a cute mini post-it holder. Love the monogram on it! Thanks for thinking of me Joy!!

Last, but definately NOT least, got this surprise in the mail from Shannon McGann from Canada. This card is super neat! It folds and tucks into place. Love it!! But I didn't get only one rak, I got TWO! Here's the other fabulous rak Shannon made for me. It's a mini photo album using the clear envelopes for pages. Love this! I forgot how much I really loved the Baroque Motifs stamp set! Thank you Shannon!! This was truly a surprise and I love it!! BTW, check out Shannon's blog here!
Thanks for all of your comments and for visiting me. I hope my blogging blues is over and that this short absence was just temporary and that I'll get my mojo back so I'll have more fun things to share with you!


Unknown said...

Glad that you are blogging again ... you are so loved judging from all of the RAKs you received.

corinnesomerville said...

When life has thrown some extra stress our way it's okay to step back from other things (ie blogging) in order to focus on other areas. Give yourself permission to not blog and just concentrate on your son....trust me...3 of my 5 are teenagers (actually Cait's 20 so technically she's an adult) but the teenage phase has it's own set of stress..especially teenage BOYS !! So relax and focus on your family...that's what is truly important.

Big hugs !!

Corie said...

Take it easy and take care of your self--

BIG hugs and smiles,

Cheryl said...

Wow girlie! Looks like we need another lunch date this week.

Rita said...

So happy to see you back here Teri! I've been real busy myself & sometimes I get into those moods too. Like all your RAK's especially that Bella, I luv it!!! Take care.


Little C's Creations said...

Hello Sweets... you've got some great RAK's there, sister!!! Yea, I stayed away from blogging for 4 days and am just getting back into it again. Gotta put it on hold if life happens. So, no worry - take care of what is priority. Plus kinda hard if you no more any creations, what you going blog about? Go with the flow.... don't let the Flow go you!!!!

Big Hugs....

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for giving me praise but it's Michelle's idea and I loved it so much I copied it from her! Thanks MICHELLE!
I also want to say...we all have our days...weeks...sometimes even months when we just want to do nothing...I have dry spells all the time...I don't know how you keep going on your over-loaded schedule! You go girl!! take a day off or two...it's okay! JOY

Maria said...

Hi Teri! Don't worry. . .we all go through the blogging blues. I was in that state about a week ago. I think you're right. . .it's having too many stuff going on and not really having the time to really do all of them in the manner you want to do them.

Well, looks like you received a whole bunch of LOVELY RAKs. . .all of them are so pretty and it must have lifted your spirits!