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Monday, March 31, 2008

Does this look like Aloha?

Monday morning and back at work! Boy, it was tough to convince myself that it was going to be a good day today at work after staying home since Wednesday last week!! I should be rested - not!!
Here's a card I made to send with a hawaiian care package to Nolan's new-found friend that he met on the cruise. One of the stewards that Nolan befriended lives in Indonesia and he has gone home (after a year on the ship). They have been text messaging each other off and on for a year now! I can't believe that it's been one year since we went on the Panama Canal cruise. Anyway, I thought this card sends a tropical hawaiian message (inside says ALOHA). Does this card look like Aloha?? Paper by Pebbles and stamps are from Imaginisce. These are those single clear stamps. These companies are getting smart getting us to think that the stamp is so cheap that we end up buying a whole handful, haha!! I got these stamps and papers from Cute Stuff. I was just there visiting Lianne (Hi Lianne!) and yes, I was naughty... (confession time) I did buy more than just these items you see here! (Jen, I didn't even wait til April!) I hope you're all not tired of seeing my Queen kitty, mochiko, but since getting freedom in the whole house, she's been taking her naps in various new places. Look where she found to nap yesterday - Nolan's bed! We went to the market in the afternoon and came home to find Goldilocks sleeping in baby bear's bed!
I know I said that I would be announcing my deets for my blog candy giveaway, but I didn't have time to think of what the candies would be! My March class was yesterday, so I will be posting pics of the projects. We made a mini acetate scrapbook, a peek-a-boo card and a suspension card (Thanks Dawn for the inspiration!!)
I love when you share a part of day with me!


Denise said...

Thanks so much Teri, I had a nice time yesterday at your workshop.
Great ideas!

Little C's Creations said...

very cute card!!! how neat that Sir Nolan and his friend has been texting for a yr now. You got those stamps from CS? Are they the $1 ones? I better go down and get me some, huh?!?!


Melissa said...

I never tire of seeing pictures of your queen kitty, mochiko. Mochiko looks like my little Harley that I had to put down just recently. I love cats and the places they sleep and sit. They crack me up!

Unknown said...

Cute cute card, especially the print on the board shorts. Looking forward to see your pics of your workshop.

Rita said...

I luv your card Teri, it's so adorable! I also have these stamps & have yet to ink them up! I had bought everyone of those $1. stamps from Imaginisce that they had the day I placed my order & some I got duplicates of to have on hand to give as blog candy & gifts, I luv them!

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

I can almost hear the music that she is dancing to!


Corie said...

Ahhh your penguins are adorable!!