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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wonderful friends!

Here are a few more gifts I got from my GF Joy. She bought this cute beverage jar for me. I guess the last one I had broke. I use these jars to serve my pineapple iced tea when we have classes. Looking forward to using this cute pink jar this month!!! Love it. See the cute calendar? I love the way she used the coaster as the base for this calendar and with my fave color, pink!! Here's a closer look:
Finally, here is a post-it note holder. Isn't this stamp too cute? Looks so local with the haku lei on her head. Thank you Joy! I miss seeing you when I go to the CU...
This card was sent to me by a new friend, Joni. Joni is a local gal who found me through blogland and she has attended two of my classes! I love this card! It was so coincidental that we used this exact stamp for the class last month. I love this card Joni!
I forgot if I posted this beautiful card from Irene. The color combo is perfect! Can't wait for you to join us for our get togethers Irene! Miss you!

And last, but really, never the least, I want to thank my spice angel friend, Jen for making me this sweet signature for my blog. That's the latest rage in blogland. She surprised me the other day by creating one for me. She even had to help me set it up cuz I'm not so techie...(is that a word???) But, Jen IS the Queen of tech so she knew what I did wrong! Thank you so much sister, I appreciate your help and I absolutely LOVE it!!


Kathy H said...

Hello, I'm just commenting back about the curious George stamps. My daughter picked them out at the Target Dollar Spot a couple of years ago, Thanks, Kathy Hering...

Unknown said...

Cute cards, and I love the calendar make with the coaster.
Joy is really thinking ahead -
smart gal 2009!

Rita said...

This was a great way to present your beverage jar, luv that calendar too! All these RAK's are fantastic! I luv that TAC stamp of the little girl & need to get that on my next order! Luv your new signature. I put mine up too!

Risa said...

Your RAKs are just beautiful and I love your gift. You have some wonderful friends Teri.

Sheree said...

Love the creations from Joy. So talented. Didn't know your other pitcher broke :(
Also, love the card from Irene.
See you later,

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

Just catching up today on posting, kwim? Awesome RAKS, you rock!