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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Mail!

I've always wanted to make this card using the carousel notes, which was in our last mini catty...so I was thrilled when I received this card from Christina Carl...Thank you, Christina! I just love it! The color combo is perfect too! Got this cutie of a card from Joy Tamura - Hi Joy! Joy used the Girls of the World images we snagged from Allison. What a sweet card!

Here's a card I received from Angie Lilavois. Hey Angie, did you see my birthday coming up through Jen's birthday club?? Wow! What an early surprise! Thank you so much!

Finally, I got this beauty from Michelle Ueligitone. This is so pretty IRL! I love the paper piecing on this card. Thanks Michelle! Check out Michelle's blog called Mushi's Creative Inspirations HERE.

Thanks to all of you who made my mailbox smile!! Happy Thursday!!


Denise said...

Great cards Teri, thanks for always sharing the wonderful ideas.

Ethan Mashimo said...

thanks for sharing!!

I must be sleeping or something but i must have missed the thing on carousel notes. What are carousel notes? =)


Angie said...

Hey Teri! Yes, I saw your birthday on Jen's Calendar. Happy Birthday!

Jodi said...

Great RAKs Teri, thanks for sharing!! =)

Risa said...

Very beautiful RAKs Teri and thank you for sharing:)

Gina Wrona said...


Boy you got a nice set of RAKS!

Mahalo for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Some more great cards... how do you have room to store all of them? I especially like the card that Michelle made.