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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Info about the flip album link

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a Happy 4th! I was planning to post something but it got so busy around here, I didn't even have time to turn on the computer! I was bummed.

I wanted to post some info about those links that I posted for the pdf files for my flip albums. People are commenting that there are "errors". I'm not sure what comes up on your computer, if it actually says errors, or it doesn't download.

FYI, I've had three people test the download including Jen, my expert. She was able to download it. I tried it too. So, I just wanted to kind of tell you what happens when you click on that link.

When you click on the link, it will take you to "Keep My Files", which is the site that is hosting my files. Bear in mind that this site is hosting my files for FREE so expect alot of advertisements!

The first window will have the word "Ad" in yellow. Scroll down to the next window which is "file download". You will see a file number bc15852264116 and to the right it will say Download File. Click on Download File. What will happen next, is this you will hear a beep on your computer and this skinny little bar will pop up towards the top of your window. The bar will say "To help protect your security internet, explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options". Put your cursor at the "click here for options" and click on download files. Three options will be offered in the window: open, save or cancel. The file should come up.

Please give me feedback after you have tried to download it. I think most of you that tried didn't scroll down far enough.

Of course, you can still just send me an email to request for the files, no problem. I just wanted to clear up how to download these pdf files the way I have it saved to my blog. Thanks for your patience!

MESSAGE TO SOMEONE NAMED WANDA, you asked me to email the files but didn't leave me your email address and I couldn't link back to you as your profile is not available. Email me Wanda and I will send you the files :)


Unknown said...

It works - thanks for the instructions!

Little C's Creations said...

GREAT explanation... they should get it this time. Dunno no Wanda, hope you are able to locate her.


Kacie said...

Hi Teri,

Just wanted you to know that I tried all of that but the message I received was that there was no file to open. I did get your email with the file so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for passing this on. Hope you have a great week!


auttava said...

Hi Teri,

Great site, will like to read your FlipAlbum tutorial, however the site seems dead.

Can you please email me at fredckp@gmail.com?