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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Replying to an inquiry

Short post to answer a question on a comment that was just posted since there was no other way to get in touch with you, Phyllis!

Phyllis' question was on my CD tutorial. She said it step 2 and 3 was a little confusing and you're right, it kind of is since I said ENDS and EACH SIDES on each step. You're right, you make the 3" score lines on the shortest end or sides of each piece. You can kind of see what I mean when you look at the photos following steps 2 and 3. Sorry for the confusion to anyone else.

BTW, just to note, if you have any questions and don't leave a link back to you, I can't reply to you personally. Feel free to send me a personal email at the address on my sidebar.

Thanks Phyllis for visiting today and for the comment :)

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