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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I feel the LOVE!

Happy Aloha Friday!! OMG! I was so touched the other day when I found MORE beautiful BRAKS in my mailbox!!

This beautiful card came from my BFF Wini. When I opened the envelope, I was in total awe!
Here's a close up of the embellishment. Now, I remember seeing this a while back in blogland, but never had the chance to make one. Isn't it pretty?? Thank you wini!!! I love it and you!
This next BRAK came from my new friend all the way from California. Colleen and I met through my blog and she's been ordering my class kits for a while now. Since corresponding through email, we find that we have many similar traits! Colleen is a Hawaiian gal at heart as she and her hubby makes annual trips to the islands...I can't wait to hang out with her on her next visit! Don't you just love this card and matching giftcard holder? She said a Hawaiian birdie told her that my favorite color was pink and she even enclosed gift cards to a couple of my favorite places! Thank you so much Colleen! This was such a surprise and so sweet of you!! xoxo!

Love this card from my friend, Joni. This card is super cute. I just love this owl and the felt flowers really added a special touch to this card. I know you're just fooling me by telling me that you're not creative - haha girl, I don't believe you!! Mahalo nui for thinking of me!!

I hope you all are getting ready to celebrate the weekend. I have lots of work ahead of me - planning my big tag class and open house!! I'll be posting more on the tag class next week after I make some of the samples. Look out for a sneak peek! Hope you all can sneak in some crafting time this weekend!!


Joy said...

you are truly a lucky girl...miss you!

Joy said...
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Rita said...

You are so loved girl! Great looking BRAK's!!! I'm going to the post office by Monday if you don't get your package by then, it will be 2 weeks on Saturday since I mailed it. I also mailed one to Flossie 3 days after you & she has not received her's either!!!

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

I must say what a nice set of RAK's you have!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job by everyone!


Unknown said...

Beautiful cards, especially Wini's. You are loved, Teri.

Ethan Mashimo said...

you are well liked!!! =) you will be celebrating your birthday for the whole month. thanks to your webfriends & the usps!


Jodi said...

TFS those cards Teri, they are all so sweet!! =)

Sheree said...

Very nice cards....how did Wini do that??? Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

All the RAK you have receieved for your b-day are great. What a lucky girl. The one that Wini made is awesome. I am going to have to sit down to make one. My favorite RAK that you received is of course the polka dotted card and gift certificate holder. :)

Risa said...

Your BRAKs are very lovely Teri!

Jenn Muraoka said...

You're a lucky girl, I agree! I love how the owl looks like he's flapping his wings. That's so clever and cute!

Marion Smith said...

I love owls!!