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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just a note from me

Before I go back to posting more fun projects for today, I just needed to mention a few words about yesterdays post. Some of you were in disbelief, some just gasped at the thought that I even posted it. I was going to apologize to the two ladies who braved a post of "shock" that I would even share such a thing, but I'm not because this wasn't something that I did to make people angry at me or even disappointed. I thought about all of you, my sweet friends, my friends with religious backgrounds, my senior friends, just everyone...I did think about it, but how you feel is how you feel, no matter what was posted.

Instead, I am thanking all of you for your comments. Every one of them were appreciated. Even the comments from the local anonymous girl (why would you post anonymous if you wanted to get a point across?) and Ms. Patsy. But I guess she won't see this note of appreciation because she has unsubscribed from my blog. We all are entitled to our own opinions and I respect that, isn't that what makes us unique? Speaking our mind and not being afraid to tell people how we feel.

Thank you to my friends who sent wishes of luck to the success of a shirt business. Yes, it is just a shirt business with many more non-offensive slogans in the works. Can you believe the next shirt was going to be the word "Beautiful"? In particular, because I am obsessed in gift wrapping and presentation, I especially enjoyed and was pleased with the gift wrap more than the shirt itself. I am not pushing my stamp and craft business on the side to do t-shirts. I'm just part of a team.

And since we are airing our dirty laundry (haha), I guess I just have to do so right now so I can move on because that is how I am. And maybe for those of you who read the comments, or will now go back to read the comments (it's okay, go ahead and read them), Are you curious? I just want to clarify that my husband and son and family are not ashamed that I took on a side venture to produce t-shirts with a slogan. No, they don't call me a bitch or think that I am bad or have a dirty mind because of this shirt. Nor do they think that I am a female dog nor have they lost respect for me. They are proud of who I am and what I have accomplished in my life and are wondering how the heck I can keep a full time job, be a wife, a mom, a friend, run a side business and still be standing. Again, it's okay because people can make, sell, wear whatever they want to. No one is saying that you have to agree, buy, wear, or like what anyone else does right? And yes, I am going to wear that shirt.

Please don't let the whole world crumble down because of one post that wasn't your cup of tea. And oh my goodness, I would rather have lots of comments of what you all think of my creative projects than dote on a silly t-shirt slogan. For that, I am disappointed because I only know what you think if you actually let me know, even for my craft posts. How do I know what you think if you don't tell me? I want people to know so I take the time to make comments to let people know how much I love their posts.

Okay, enough! I heard what you had to say and hey, what are we waiting for? I gotta move on to post more fabulous craft projects! Thank you for listening to my side of the story. I'm really still the same person after this and for those of my friends that know me, know the truth.

Mahalo to all of you.


Denise said...

Teri, You're the SWEETEST, and for who ever took offense to your T-shirt slogan obviously DOESN'T know you. Keep on being sweet....

Anonymous said...

I have added the website to my favorites, as I would love to order for my Ya Ya Sisters (there are 5 of us) that is just the type of thing we wear and love. Don't let one bad apple spoil it for you....Linda in Minnesota

Joy said...

BITCHES...now that's a word I have been called a lot of times...but I don't take offense to it...for most people it's in their vocabulary and hey...to each their own...but I back you 110% girl!! I know that you are the sweetest, kindest and most giving person... and to think that people would be taken back by it...who cares! they truly don't know the Teri I know. I love you and your family and you keep doing what you do because I know you're talented, creative and you inspire tons of people everyday! keep smiling =)

Gina Wrona said...

yikes, too many people are "thin" skinned, kwim?

I thought you presented it very professionally and the wrappings were very elegant.

don't worry, just be happy!

808 ISLAND GIRL said...

Hello, this is Teri's Favorite Cousin, Jill. I am the other half of Teri's t-shirt venture. I have read some of the posts and I also wanted to thank those of you who have shown your support. As Teri mentioned, the shirts were not meant to offend, but the word itself to be given a new, more positive meaning. I would rather have B.I.T.C.H. to mean Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and Hot rather than the meaning that the word has been given. . .and by whom? Does anyone actually know who originally gave this particular definition or have we just become a society that just takes what we're given as fact? Sometimes we need to think outside the box. Someone makes the definition of a word to mean something negative and we don't have the right to challenge that meaning? I think that our society has come a long way, women especially in trying to come out of that. This is my personal feeling on the whole subject. We are actually trying to do something positive. Thank you all again whether you agree or not agree, we are all entitled to our opinions and that's what makes life great!! Oh yes and one more thing. . .Teri really is the most sweetest person ever. Always willing to help, very supportive and one of the greatest people I know. Love you dear cousin.

Anonymous said...

Teri, I have never left a comment on your blog, but I think yours is one of the best. I agree with you 100% about the T-shirts. People are to quick to think the worst, but fail to see the good. From everything I have read on your blog, you seem to be a very caring and kind person. Go for it and I hope it is a success for you!!!

Rita said...

BRAVO Teri & Jill!!! I personally think people need to lighten up in this country! Some people like to take things they see & put their own spin on things when it has nothing to do with the way that they are thinking. How sad is that? You go girls!!! I'm behind you 100% & you are both loved!!! I'm proud of you both for standing up for yourselves! Chin up & get to work!!!

Little C's Creations said...

Very Good Dahling!!! Wooohoooo!!! Don't let it get under your skin!!

Big Hugs!!

Jodi said...

Teri, there is no one sweeter than you! So, shall I wear the pink one with jeans? or black? I know when I wear the black, it goes with whatever. Hmmmm...decisions, decisions.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Teri, I was a little surprised about your post and the t-shirt that you helped design. I personally would not have helped design a shirt with that written on it, but I am not offended, upset or value you as person and friend any differently. I love ya just as much. :) Sorry for the negative way other people have commented and feel about you because of the post. If they really new you they would not have made a negative judgment about you.

Anonymous said...

Teri, It is me again, I know who you are and I the reason why I did not leave my name, is because I attend many of your classes at your house in Waimanalo. I care for you and just wanted you to know that there is another side that you failed to see. I guess you wouldn't mind if I see you down the street and say "hi BITCH!" in front of every stranger there is. I guess you would not feel compelled to explain to everyone that it is an acroym. I would.If someone called me a bitch, watch out for the black eye they are about to receive. So, just so you are wondering, I do know you, and love your work, and your bright smile and kindness. I am just appalled that you would be apart of this. Like I said the Teri I know is sweet, caring and very talented. This is just my opinion and I care enough to let you know. I KNOW if you knew who I was, you would, in fact treat me differently. Maybe some of the positive comments were left by people who really don't know you as long as I have.

Anonymous said...
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Dawne said...

This is what I like about blogs. People's creativity, talents, thoughts, etc. all comes out. And it makes the person show who they are. I don't know you but I like your blogs. And I found the previous one to be humorous.

Michelle Alejandro said...

Bravo Teri! You keep doing what you are doing! I do believe that people need to lighten up. You are a very kind and giving person! Good luck with the t-shirt biz, you deserve it!

Kyoko said...

Hi Teri:

It's me Kyoko. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL!!! More power to you and your new tshirt business! Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you are one of the SWEETEST girls I know and people do need to lighten up! TAKE CARE AND DON'T CHANGE A THING ABOUR YOURSELF!

Maria said...

Wow, Teri! All the drama for a T-shirt and a word! Sure got people's attention! Great way to sell a shirt! LOL!!

Honestly, the way I see it. . .there's much more important things to get all frazzled about. . .like the Iraq war, sky high gas prices, home forclosures, our economy, hunger in the world, abandoned and cruel treatment of animals. . .I can go on and on!!

Don't let the negativity get you down!! Congratulations on your new business! Keep doing what you're doing. . .people should comment on your starting a new business and congratulate you on it rather than worrying about a word on a t-shirt. . .which is all it is. . .a word.

Again, whoohoo! I'm proud of you for starting your new business! Many success to you and your cousin!!