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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas raks - thank you so much!

I can't believe that I've been away from blogging for so long!! I've missed blogging and chatting with all of you, but I'd be on for hours (you all know what I mean!) if I went on to just peek! And can you believe that I'm still behind! LOL!! I am so impressed by you ladies who still found the time to post during the busy Christmas rush!
I finally was able to download the many photos that I took over the holidays and now I want to share my awesome raks with you! Thank you to everyone who blessed me with such wonderful raks and cards! This post will be a little long since there were so many raks to share. Hope you don't mind. And by the way, I'm still working on "holiday" cards since the holidays are NOT over yet!! I really want to send them out, so if you get them late, pardon my tardiness - your cards are being sent on Hawaiian time :)
This first awesome rak is from Joy. Joy is like a sister to me and dear to my family as well. She learned how to make these awesome trees from her boss, Frieda. This tree has a snowman at the top and then cute little desserts all around the tree. Can you believe that they are erasers??? Cute, yeah? Thank you sooo much Joy!! I love it! It's still at my desk :) Early into the holidays, I received this awesome rak from my friend Risa, all the way from Michigan!! Thanks so much Risa! I just loved everything!!
Here's one of the two cards she enclosed in the box too. Love this Tilda!
Another card from Risa. Isn't this image so cute?! It's from Whipper Snapper Designs. Love the card! Risa, I hope you are feeling better!!
Another rak from Joy. She and I went shopping one lunch hour at Price Busters and when I saw these glass jars, I just had to buy some. I used rub-ons on the one I gave to her but of course, she had to put Miss Hello Kitty on the one she made for me!! I just love it! Thanks Joy, you spoil me!!
Inside the jar, she put beautiful ribbons!!
Love this Snowman Soup from Michelle! I just love the presentation of this in the tin. Super cute!!
Another rak from Michelle. You ladies are all so generous!! Thank you Michelle! I just LOVED my snowman ornament from Cinnamon Girl and I can't wait to use the soap! Your wrapping is perfect!! And thank you for making the yummy cream cheese dessert!
A rak from Denise. This gift bag was filled with all kinds of goodies and I just love this cute kitty ornament! It's on my tree denise! Thank you!!! You are most generous!
Lisa Salazar and Carole L. brought me this cute gift. Inside this cute box was a cute and dainty bracelet...I just love it!! (Sorry, didn't get a pic of it to post!) Sorry you weren't able to make it Lisa! We missed you! Thanks Carole for the yummy desserts too! You were too kind to let me keep the plates!
Cute bag from Kelly H. Thanks Kelly! I love the pin & brownie recipe and the Starbucks GC too!! Love that tag! I wonder where you got that from??
Thanks Kristy for the handsoap. You guys know that I love that stuff! Also for the See's Candy GC too! How'd you guys know I love sweets?!
Mmmm, hot cocoa from Lynnelle and a Jamba GC too!! I was too late to look for these cute tins filled with hot cocoa (from Costco!) Lynnelle wrapped brown wired ribbon around it, so perfect!! Thank you Lynnelle!!
An awesome coffee basket from Lynn L. I just love it! Thank you for being so thoughtful!!
The last rak on this post is from Liann M. Liann is an island girl, now living in California (formerly from Japan too!). Thanks Liann! I just love all of this Hello Kitty!!! Your card is awesome!!!
I have a few more raks to share, but gotta edit the photos first. So if you didn't see your rak here, don't worry! It's coming! That will be another day. THANK YOU all for thinking of me. I am so blessed with friends like you and I treasure all of these raks. Happy Holidays to you all...
Big hugs to you!


Rina said...

Wow weeeeeee...so much goodies. How fabulous Teri, but then again, you are well deserving!

Happy Holidays!!!

Unknown said...

Welcome back to blogland Teri - we missed you. You are truly blessed with so many friends who love you - can't wait to see the rest. The cocoa mix from Costco looks yummy.

Tracy.H said...

Wow!! Enjoy all the goodies. :0)

ivy said...

wow---that's lots of goodies! merry belated christmas to you & your family!
BTW, did you get more presents that your son??!! :-)

Rita said...

Whoopie, great RAK's for a fantastic person!!!

Colleen said...

You are truly blessed to have so many friends that love you.