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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I'm sure most of you out there are busy with all of the holiday festivities and such! I am working on getting photos up from my holiday celebration on Saturday and also the projects. Working on my Christmas cards, shopping and wrapping gifts...still didn't get my tree!! I guess posting will be a little scarce until I can get my act together!! Just wanted to wish you all a great week and to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking :)


Unknown said...

I saw the HK purses that Joy made for the Saturday class - so cute! Glad to hear you're up and about - take your vitamins and keep warm.

Joy said...

I am glad you are still alive and kicking after your class...you are crazy girl...with all those things we made! I don't know how you do it...but I'm grateful that you do! thanks for the fun and we'll do it again soon.

Michelle Alejandro said...

Hey Teri, I totally hear you! I feel like I've been running around crazy too! This month is so challenging so I am sure everyone can understand. Thank you again for Saturday and hopefully see you soon!

Maria said...

Oooh, Teri. . .you need to get your tree up soon. It's only 15 days till Christmas. Yeah, I know. . .I need to get my act together too!! I'm beginning to feel tired already just thinking about it!!


Rita said...

I too have not gotten to my decorations & tree yet - so your not alone. I feel like I still need a month to get ready. Take care & have a great weekend Teri!

*Sally* said...

I empathise, I have the barest of decs this year, and am also run off my feet! We are also moving home/country in Feb and our belongings leave end of January so we are busy packing too! I could do with a few longer days! Or help?!?!

Jodi said...

Hey Teri! I too have not gotten my tree or decorations up yet! Still shopping and wrapping as well. =)
Thank you so much for Saturday, wish I were able to stay the entire time!
Jodi =)

Islander Girl said...

I hear ya, I'm on the same boat as you! I just got back from Japan and I have tons of stuff piled high waiting for me... Love the holidays but hate the pressure...LOL!

Good luck tackling everything!

Gina Wrona said...


i might just be off the hook for making the treats for alayna's class tomorrow if we end up with as much SNOW as they are predicting. 6 teacher gifts & 36 class treats, ugh!