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Friday, February 27, 2009

Preston's baby album Part 2

I know, I know...3 posts in one night?? Told ya, catch up time!!Sorry friends! I've been not been having lots of luck staying out of trouble! Yesterday, somehow, my eye started getting itchy and red and by the time I made it home, my eye was swollen!! So, I boiled an egg and then wrapped it up in a towel and placed it on my eye. This isn't a joke. The heat from the egg lasts for a long time, so I use it as a hot compress for my eye. I swear it brought some comfort to my eye and the swelling came down. Today, I had to go to the eye doctor to check it because I thought I had pink eye! Yuck! It turned out to not be pink eye (yay!). It's an allergy, so I got some special drops and was told to take it easy on my contacts...good thing I have a spare pair of glasses!
Anyway, on to more layouts for the book I made for baby Preston. I love these Sesame Street cricut cutouts! Isn't cookie monster cute!? Love the seahorse and starfish cardstock stickers. I used so many different products from so many companies, it's hard to list them all. Of course, all of these items came from my stash that I've collected over the years.
This is one of my favorite pages. I used to love to put hats on Nolan when he was a baby.
Love this froggy DP. Got it from Cute Stuff.
Isn't Grover cute too? This DP also came from Cute Stuff. I love paper!!
More layouts tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to come by my blog!! I can't wait til I catch up so I can bluf and read about what you all have been doing!!



Cute pics and layout too. I'm going to send your blog address to my dau to see if she wants to do this for her dau's first bd party too.

Linda said...

OMG - your pages are too cute! Have you done an album for Nolan already? I'm sure you have. Looking at all these baby boy pictures reminds me of when my son was a baby - he's gonna be 18 already! Keep up the great work Teri, and take care of yourself!!!

Cheryl said...

So cute Teri!!! I gotta make that Grover for my son's album. Awww shucks, I just remembered that I don't have the Sesame St cartridge. Another thing to buy...

Rita said...

Such an adorable little guy! Your layouts are so darn cute Teri!!!
Their going to luv this album!

Jenny V. said...

Wow you done an excellent job on those pages. My nephew's first birthday party will be in August and the theme will be Sesame Steet friends. So I'm think of buying this cartridge, I could use it part of the invitation I need to create soon. Great Job!!!


Colleen said...

You've been busy blogging. :) Wish I could be as good as you are with with my craft blog.
You made some very cute pages for your friend. Can I hire you to do Zachy's and Kylie's first year for me?

Risa said...

Your layouts pages of Preston are just adorable! I love the beautiful DP that you have chosen and the pictures are beautiful!