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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My card from Saskia

I didn't forget about Part 2 for the shaker box tutorial. I'm planning on finishing up after this post. Just had to share my card that I received from my one card swap partner, Saskia all the way from Belgium! I just love my card!! Thank you Saskia!!

Such a pretty card and just in time for Easter!! I'm still working on my card for Saskia, but should be finished this weekend. Thank you to all who signed up to play. This month, we had 30 ladies sign up! Our next sign up will be at the end of the month for the month of May. I will post when it is time to sign up!


Linda said...

Awww - this is such a sweet card! Great job, Saskia! Hope you enjoy your long weekend, Teri! Happy Easter!

peggy said...

Hi Teri,

Wish you a happy Easter weekend and very nice card that you received from Saskia !!!

Hugs, Peggy

Kyoko said...

Saskia did such a great job on the card! I just love looking at everyone's OCS creations.

Rita said...

Adorable, thanks for sharing! Have a great Easter!