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Friday, April 17, 2009

Peggy's card for Mary Bennett

Aloha Friday friends! Today, I'm sharing this adorable card that Peggy from Belgium sent to Mary Bennett for my April one card swap! Isn't this super cute?! Since Mary does not have a blog, she asked me to post it so the blog world can see her beautiful card from Peggy. If you find some time while blurfing, you might want to hop on over to Peggy's blog to give her some hugs! Hi Peggy! If you'd like to participate in my monthly one card swap, I will be posting the sign ups in a couple of weeks, so come back to sign up!

By the way, when I posted my OCS for Saskia, I forgot to link her to the post, so I just wanted to share Saskia's blog address so you can visit and send her some aloha! Hi Saskia! I sent out your package and you should be getting it soon!


Joy said...

this card is totally cute! what great OCS girls you have!!!
oh btw...I have 52 pens...and I don't have that africano or cocoa brown pen =( so we will have to go back again! I want to be like you and own them all! HA! thanks for the fun yesterday and for walking most of the way!!! thanks for taking my mind of things and getting me out of a funk. I am trying to keep positive =) have a great weekend! I'm going to watch Marc play...it may be the last... but hoping not.

Cheryl KVD said...

I love this card!! The bears look cozy enough to hug! Beautiful coloring!

Kyoko said...

Wow, Peggy did such a terrific job on this card. Love the details and paw marks! Have a great weekend Teri!

Elaine said...

That's such a sweet card with the pups on it and the little flower on it's head! Great coordination with the flower accent! :) That's nice of you to post it here so we can ALL enjoy it! :)