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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes

to my GF Rita! I seem to have terrible time management and I know it's because I need to work on saying "no" more often and learn to prioritize my one million projects, ha! Anyhoo, Rita's birthday was some months back (months???! sheesh!) and I recently finished up her birthday card and sent out her gift. Here's her birthday shaker card. Can you tell that I'm stuck on these fun shaker cards?? This cute mouse and cupcake image is by Whipper Snapper Designs and the Happy Birthday is a David Walker font by Rubberstampede (old stamp). I really like using dew drops for the back shaker, they are so colorful and fun! The front beads are from SU's bead duo.
Rita, I hope your birthday was a fun one and here's wishing you many more!!
Thank you for coming to visit today, you've made my day!


Linda said...

Another beautiful card! You never cease to amaze me, Teri! Rita is one lucky chickie! Hope you're feeling better, Sis! xoxo, Linda

Kyoko said...

Rita is going to be so happy when she receives this card! Boy sister, you on it with the double shaker card! Get better soon okay!

Rita said...

Hey Teri it was only 1 month late so you didn't do as bad as you think my friend! Hehehe!!! I luv it so much, it's beautiful in real life & it will sit in my craft room so that I can admire it as I craft! Thanks so much sweetie!

Hugs Rita

Unknown said...

The card is adorable, so nice cupcake! Love your shaker cards, lately I have been making lots of shaker cards, they are so fun! TFS :)

Denise said...

Love your double shaker cards! Get well soon Teri.

Joy said...

girl...you are on a roll with these double shakers! they are so cute! I only made 2 so far! I need to get me that knife to cut clean like you through those foam thingees! love the beads...as I am using the dew drops for that too! thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

Janis said...

Another cute double shaker card! And you are feeling sick too? How do you do it? Feel better soon!

Jodi said...

This is so cute! I know Rita loves her card. =) Very sweet!
Jodi =)

Cami said...

This is so cute and I'm sure well worth the wait for Rita. You're really on a roll with these and I'm glad cuz I get to see all different kinds of designs you come up with and each is pretty in it's own way! Hugs, Cami

Kim. said...

Hi Teri,
I really love these shaker card I want to make one but have to track down somewhere to buy the foam in this country, I may try what we have here 'funky foam' and just have to use more layers.
I'm glad you got my card I was really unsure what to make for you as I have only been making cards for the last 9 months and yours are always so beautiful, that was how I came across you through your wonderful cards & tutorials.
I will wait until I receive yours and then post both of them together on my blog.
Hope your feeling better.
Kim xXx

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Gorgeous card Teri, love these shaker cards and the image is so cute and beautifully coloured. Hugs Nikki x

Michelle Alejandro said...

I love your shakers they are the cutest! I am sure she will love it. Take care!


Risa said...

Rita is going to flip when she receives her gorgeous card!!!

Unknown said...

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