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Monday, July 27, 2009

August OCS - check to see if you are on it

Did this photo get your attention?? Sorry, just had to :)
Since the swap is now closed, I'm busy getting all of you partnered up so I can send the emails. I don't want to leave anyone out that wanted to play, so I am listing the people who signed up on my blog and also signed up via email to me. If I missed your name (I apologize in advance, it definately is NOT on purpose!), please send me an email asap! Thank you!

Players in no particular order

Elena Cazinha

Jamee Nibling

Denise Nibling

Cyndi Kim

De Swanick

Colleen Kwan

Michelle Ueligitone

Joy Uyehara

Kelli Buenconsejo

Joy Nieva

Ilissa Willing

Gail Woo

Joni Haraga

Jodi Ann Lee

Janis Kanemura

Eunice Chong

Kyoko Patoc

Linda Kuniyoshi

Berenice Rendon

Marisa Faylim

Tracy Houghton

Kim Thompson

Enjoli Bennett

Jenny Viloria

Krista Palakiko

Shilo Johnson

Gina Wrona

Tia (Nakano) Iida

Kim Yu

Claudia Pina-Castellanos

June Ikeda

Vina Tom

Jacqui Medeiros

Grace Winchester

Mary Bennett

Chris Domino

Sherri Miral

Wow! this is the most we've ever had! I will be waiting for anyone who I forgot - I hope I got you all down! I will be pairing people up and you should be getting an email from me sometime this week! Thanks again for signing up for my one card swap!


Risa said...

Michiko is so cute!

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

I just love your Michiko! Especially the way he poses for you to take such cute pics.

Hugs & Aloha,