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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My mother taught me to always say thank you

ETA: BIG OOPS!! Thank you to LINDA (Simple & Sassy Creations) for the awesome honey bee scissors. See, so long time ago, I got mixed up. Thank you K for my secret rak...shhh, I'm not sharing that! haha!! I hope you are all not thinking that I'm such a spoiled brat that I receive so many wonderful raks that I can't even keep track of who gave me what. I LOVE everything I receive and appreciate it from the tip of my toes to my heart! Love you guys!
So what is wrong with me? I totally forgot to thank Kyoko for these honey bee scissors that I received some time long ago!! Oh no! Kyoko, hope you don't think I am ungrateful or didn't like them. I guess it's because I didn't break them open yet! Thanks girl. I know my scissors are kind of ugly, that's why you got these for me. I promise I will break the wrapper open real soon, k? Also received this cute card from Claudette and forgot to post it. Love this Hula Anya and all of the extras that Claudette put on this card! It's so much cuter IRL...thanks girl, I love it!
Found this next blog sistah, Elena, through another island girl and just fell in love with her crochet flowers. Can you believe that Elena crochet's these? OMG, I was one of the lucky girls to receive some awesome flowers! I love them so much, I'm not sure if I want to use them!! Thank you so much!
Aahh, I commented on Jen's blog on how cute this card was and was surprised to get this cutie in MY mailbox!! Got an extra in the card too! A cute rubber stamp - gotta ink it up so I can show it to you! Thanks Jen! Receiving a card in the mail when I get home from a long day at the office really put a smile on my face!! Thanks Dahling! This card is cuter IRL!! Love it!
Last, but definately NOT least, another wonderful surprise in my mailbox! Got this cute kitty card from Denise. So sweet! I had a blah of a day and found this cheerful card in the mail and all my blah's were forgotten!! Thanks so much Denise! This brightened my night. I love the details on this card and I know you stamped this kitty because she reminded you of my mochiko!
My mom would be proud of me, now that I said my thank you's to all of my wonderful friends who blessed me with such wonderful and thoughtful cards and gifts. Thank you again!!
And thanks to all of you who come to visit me daily. I love reading your comments on what you think of my creations. Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

I hope you have a big enough mailbox for all of the goodies you rightfully deserve. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Awesome RAKs, Teri! You deserve them all! TFS and I'll see you soon! xoxo, Linda

P.S.: No worry, beef curry! You're welcome!

Rita said...

Beautiful RAK's Teri! Hey...your going to luv those cutter bee scissors! I have 2 pair, one I got glue on & rubbed it off with goo gone so it still works & the other pair I use (I ouught it cause I thought I ruined the other pair & just can't live without them)on occassion...I don't want to risk messing those up! Hehehe!!!

Colleen said...

What cute RAK you received. You deserve all the ones you get for being such an awesome person and friend.