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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rock the Farm Cutie and the inside of the noteholder

Happy Aloha Friday!! I received this really cute card from a new island girlfriend, Ilissa. We met through my monthly one card swap. Ilissa finally took the plunge and started a blog too. If you have some time, hop on over to show some aloha! I love this cute GF image from the Rock the Farm set! The colors are so pretty too! Thanks so much Ilissa!! Thank you all for the sweet comments on my noteholder that I still feel that I bombed on making...I have to have it perfect, just some dumb thing that I put upon myself. Anyway, here is what the inside looks like. I like the idea of the two acetate pockets.
The problem was that I measured incorrectly and the gap on the bottom of the holder is kind of too much when it closes. Can you see it here? I'm working on fixing it up before sharing the measurements. It was a fun project to make though. I'll have to find some time to fix it up. I'll post the perfect one sometime soon!
Thanks for stopping by today! I had a little detour in my plans as I was supposed to be emailing the partners for the August OCS last night. It is coming because I have everyone partnered up and ready to email!! Looking forward to seeing you ladies who signed up for my sold out classes this weekend! If you ordered a kit, they will be completed this weekend too.


Ilissa said...

OMG!! Thank you for your comment. I just like to say Thanks for sharing your creations and for encouragement.

kris said...

Ilissa's card is so pretty! the card holder looks really cute.... that will make the perfect gift... Happy Friday!!!

Unknown said...

This is NICE, Teri!! So creative, a great idea! I might have to steal this idea and make one myself. Happy Friday,Teri! Have a wonderful weekend!

Colleen said...

Ilissa's card is so cute. I love the colors.
The project that you think you bombed on does not look bad at all even though you think the gap is a little too big of one. People probably would not notice it if you gave it to them as a gift. :) I know, you need your project to be perfect. That's what so awesome about your projects/cards. They are perfect. No wonder you have so many people attending your classes each month. Have fun teaching your classes this weekend! Hope that you don't need to say up too late preparing.

Michelle Alejandro said...

Love that Rock the Farm card, too cute! I still think your card holder is awesome! TTYL!


Risa said...

Your card holder gift is adorable Teri! I love it! TFS!!

Jamee said...

super cute card :)

Rina said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Sweet Teri...Happy Birthday to you...and many more! Have a very blessed day in the Lord =0)

Cami said...

Cute card from Ilissa. Love your two pocket folder. I know you're a perfectionist (which is good!) but this really looks great and if I received it, I would not think about the gap. I just made a "bag" with these acrylic boxes so since I have them out, I think I'll try and play around with your project. Yeah right! I might not even have the time so guess I'll wait for your instructions. Have fun teaching today and I can't wait to see what they learn today! You are so creative! Cami