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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Island Girls - who's who?

I know I'm late in posting these photos from the Island Girl's Summer Social that happened on August 15th, but I am posting them anyway. Thanks to all of the girls who already posted photos of this fun event! In addition to attending to "talk story" with other blogging sisters and friends, we were able to shop til we dropped!! How fun is that?? Here's Joy working hard in her little store Tamiko's. IRL though, Tamiko's is an online store and you can shop til you drop HERE. We were so lucky to get some special deals on that day, Thanks Joy! I love all of the papers that I bought!!My favorite twins...Kyoko and Linda...these ladies are sweet, kind, funny and inseparable!
Wini, me and Jen...
Thanks Jen, for doing the cricut demo. We made the cutest scallop bag! Jen has a blog just for her cricut creations! You can even download cuts too! Interested?? Click right HERE to hop over to Jen's cricut blog... Jen also brought down all the goodies for us to purchase from LITTLE C'S online store!
We were so lucky to have ManLe from Pineapple Cove, come to the gathering! She even brought her photo kiosk so that interested peeps could create a cool scrapbook page easily...drag and drop photos into the layout of your choice. I am in the process of scrapping this event on the kiosk, so I will share those pages when I'm done. If you are an island girl and haven't visited Pineapple Cove yet, check it out the next time you are at Kahala Mall...ManLe helping Evie create her page on the photo kiosk.
Joy and me...their girl knows how to have a good time...too bad you had to rush off to your soccer tournament, but I'm glad you guys won!
Me and Cheryl.
Claudette, Joy and Me...take 2! How many shots did we take??
Irene, Wini and Joyce...
Sunny (Barbie's daughter) and Aunty Wini
Cami and Me...Cami is truly one talented gal...I love all of her Tilda projects and you will too...drop by her blog, Capture a Heart, Something Handmade from Me to You! and check it out! I can't wait to show you the awesome raks Cami made for us!
Linda, Jodi and Joni...Jodi shared her takes on copic coloring...awesome Jodi! Thanks for sharing with your island sisters! I missed alot of your demos, so I'll just have to come over to get my own personal demo huh! Jodi was so nice to bring to us ROSES ON PAPER products since Summer couldn't attend in person. Kyoko and Chalsie...So much fun and talent...
Jenny, Nicky and Dawne...
Janis and Joy
Joyce and Lynn
Jamee and Kyoko
Gina and Ali
Thanks to all who help make this event possible! I'm still recouperating, believe it or not. We will be having another Island Girl social sometime in the near future - hopefully this time, we will make even more friends! Happy Aloha Friday to you all and thank you for sharing your day with me! I'll be posting the raks tomorrow!


Joy said...

woot! woot! what a blast this party was! you did an AWESOME job getting and putting this fabulous party together! I wish I didn't have to run off, but at least I stayed for the most part! next time I'll make sure I don't have anything else planned...then I can dress nicely like everyone else! I must have looked like a "hobo"! hahaha! lol! Taelyn had a blast! next time we get together I'll make sure I order a bento for Taelyn! I felt bad everyone gave us hand me outs...(leftovers) hope you have a great weekend! TTYS!

Unknown said...

Great pictures! TFS Have a great weekend :)

Cyndi said...

Wow, looks like it was a fun and well planned event!

Linda said...

Oh Teri! Looking at all these photos makes me so happy! It was a great day - the time went by too quickly!!! Have a great weekend! Love you!

P.S. to Joy: You neva look "hobo"! Hahaha!

Jodi said...

Teri, you did a wonderful job getting all of us together and making it a fun crafting and shopping day!! Can't wait to do this all again! =)
Jodi =)

Denise said...

Can't wait for the next one! I had so much fun.

joni h said...

Great pictures Teri! It was a great event. Next time only 2 projects and the rest of the time-talk story!!

ps-Eh, Joy! I was dressed like you! Nothing wrong with being comfy! Next time, white shirt & jeans! LOL!

pps-How come get so many pics of Kyoko? Did she pay you, Teri?! JK!

Jamee said...

i had so much fun! i didnt notice how dark my hair really was until i saw that picture of me and kyoko. that wash in dye really did work, haha!!
im going to miss everyone because I have class on saturdays this semester and eveyone's making get togethers on saturdays :(

Cami said...

This was the event of the year (until the next one LOL!) and I really had so much fun meeting all the island blogging sisters, doing the make & takes, chatting, eating, shopping! It was THE PLACE to be! It was all possible because of your hard work and excellent planning skills. I was pooped out for a week! Thank you so much Teri, it was a blast, local style! Hugs, Cami

Rita said...

Luv the pictures Teri, thanks for sharing!

Kyoko said...

LOL ... eh Joni ... no be jealous! Oh, so shame!!! I had so much FUN at the social and can't wait for the next one. Thanks so much Teri for organizing everything and thanks again to Barbie for letting us use their showroom!


Risa said...

Hi Teri,
Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures! Looks like you all had a blast!

Michelle Alejandro said...

I am so sad that I missed this! I will be there next time for sure! So many crafty ladies!