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Friday, August 7, 2009

Still more to share

I still have more wonderful birthday raks and cards to share. I hope you are not tired of me dragging on my birthday (because I'm really not), but I want to make sure I show my appreciation to those who sent me things. This whole lotta rubbah came from my GF Janis. She got these cute Popcorn Bear stamps from Cute Stuff and also a new line called Wild Rose Studio, so cute! Lianne's got alot of new stuff coming in, so be sure you run on over to check them out!! My problem is checking it out too good and I end up getting my hands on everything! Not that's is a bad thing (wink!) Thanks Janis! This cute Anya card is from my cousin Pam. I love it! and all of my gifts too! You spoil me!!
Cute card from my GF Linda. Love those HK extras too!! BTW, the roses are sooooo beautiful, just as your friendship is to me...and they lasted for the whole week!! Thank you Linda!
Yummy card from Jamee...thanks for the HK extras too! The package is pink too! Thanks for this cute card Jamee!
Sweet bath & body goodies from my GF Lynnelle...thank you so much!
Another busy weekend! Having some girls over to help me put stuff together for a small gathering I'll be having in a week. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


kris said...

Cute gifts Teri!!!! You deserve it all!!!

Rita said...

Gorgeous BRAK's Teri! Thanks for sharing & I never get tired of seeing RAK's! Hugs Rita

joni h said...

drag out that birthday as long as you can! birthdays are the best! you are so deserving! love the stuff you got!

Michelle Alejandro said...

I love this idea of having your birthday for a week, I think I will try and do that next year! You are so deserving of all these great gifts, thanks for being the sweet person that you are! Had so much fun with you yesterday and we have to do it again!


Risa said...

Hi Teri,
Very beautiful RAKs girl...TFS!!!!

Colleen said...

I am definitely not getting tired of sharing your goodies.
You received very nice BRAKs. It's always so much fun seeing what people create. I noticed that many of your friends know that you like pink. :)

Denise said...

Hey Teri,
Enjoy seeing all your BD raks. They are all well deserved!! Youbare so sweet, thoughtful, and always so helpful to us local crafters.

Kyoko said...

LOVE all your BD RAKs! Shows how much you are truly loved by everyone! Can't wait to have lunch with "lucious lips"...

Joy said...

woo-hoo! this birthday never ends! so happy for you! I had a blast at D&B! that was a thriller of a surprise! glad that lady did a wonderful song for you! lol! we gotta go out more often!

Jodi said...

These are awesome Bday RAKs Teri!! I know you liked the ones I gave you too, I will have to get your card to you later... sorry!!
Jodi =)