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Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a Wonderful Day!

This post was meant for yesterday (Sunday), but guess who ran out of time?? I had another class today and was going crazy, as usual! At the end of my class on Saturday, I saw my GF Linda walking up my driveway with a bunch of roses. She was all smiles and I asked her if she was just passing my house and she giggled. Hmmm, was something going on that I didn't know?? Then, Denise and Jamee shows up, and Joni and her girls...hey! is there a party happening without my knowledge?? WOW girls! you sure surprised me!! Thank you for the visit, the gifts and cards and the cakes! Yumm! The girls know that I love chocolate and we had 2 dobash cakes. THANK YOU! Here's a photo that my son took for me. I will be sharing LOTS of beautiful cards and gifts that I was blessed with this year for my birthday.
I got this awesome card in the mail from my GF Eunice. If you have never visited Eunice's blog, it is a must! Eunice makes the most intricate and gorgeous cards and projects and is a whiz using her cricut! Check out my card/gift! Doesn't the strawberry look yummy??
This card pulls up and displays a giftcard. Thanks Eunice!! Such an awesome card, as usual!!
Here's another cutie I got in the mail. This card is from my friend, Gail Woo, from San Fran. So cute!! Love these Hero Chinese Girls! Thank you Gail!
I hope you will come back to see more beautiful creations from my friends. I am in awe of your creations, your kindness and generosity....My winner announcement is next!


Jodi said...

These are just sooo cute!! Wonderful cards and I'm so glad you had a great surprise on your birthday!! I'll be late in getting my gift to you Teri!!
Jodi =)

kris said...

What a wonderful surprise indeed!!! You have some great friends!!! so sweet of them!!! many blessing to you Teri!!! hope you enjoyed your surprise!!! and you got some awesome gifts.... too cute for words... Love the HK...

Have a great day!!!

Fay said...

wow...what a great surprise! Happy belated birthday, Teri!

Colleen said...

You had an extra busy weekend with non-stop fun with your friends at your classes and for your b-day. Great picture of your friends and of some of the goodies that you received. I can't wait to see some of the other things that you got. :)

Islander Girl said...

What great friends you got!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love all the cards!!!!

Tammy said...

What super cute cards. It looks like you had a super great time. What wonderful friends.

Kyoko said...

Such a great surprise from such wonderful friends! You are so sweet just like that chocolate covered strawberry! LOVE YAH!


joni h said...

You would've been more surprised if I started singing! Mochiko would've hit the roof! A small surprise for a little girl with a BIG heart!