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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Fun!

This past weekend, some of us girls went over to Claudette's clubhouse out in Ewa for some Halloween fun! We were all to make a Halloween Rak goodie for each other to add more ideas into our crafting bank...I had many ideas pop in and out of my head and then the night before, the lightbulb went on and I came up with these cute spider boxes. Here's a close-up of the box and the cute spider! The spider's body is a 1 3/4" circle (SU) and I used a 1/2" circle punch for the eyes. The eyeball is a 1/4" circle (handpunch). The legs used a EK Success Swirl Flourish punch,
The top of the box opens up and reveals a message...sort of like a card and a box all in one. This super idea was inspired by a blog called Inky Wings by Maya and I have no idea what country she is from. The instructions are measured in centimeters so I had no clue on what to do, except try it out for myself with the size that I wanted it to be. If you are interested, I was thinking of doing a fast tutorial on how to make these cute and fun card/boxes...let me hear from you!
Here's a photo of all of the great raks in our Halloween idea exchange. Thank you ladies for all of the fun raks!
We did a couple of make and takes too! This was the cute double tin holder that we made instructed by Michelle...thank you Michelle for such a cute and fun project!! We also did a cute calendar using our BIA machine sponsored by Janis...thanks Janis! I didn't finish mines yet!
Here's the view of the project opened up.
What a cute little pumpkin! Michelle's daughter, Amara was enjoying a yummylicious brownie baked by Aunty Joy D...you can see the sweet powdered sugar smile she has here!
Our wonderful hostess, Claudette, made these cute brownie ghosts! At first, I thought they were eggs...I guess I didn't catch that it was a Halloween party! LOL!
Thank you so much Claudie for hosting such a fun party! Thanks ladies for the great Halloween ideas! And thank YOU for visiting me today!!


Risa said...

I love your super cute treat boxes Teri! What an adorable spider!
The Halloween projects and RAKs are awesome as well! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time and thanks for sharing the pictures!

Love, Chloe said...

Oh what a cute idea! All of the halloween projects and RAKS are great! I would be interested in that tutorial if you do have the time for it!

Melynda =D

kris said...

The spider boxes are sooo cute! love how you did the legs! that really was a sweet treat! and the RAKs, wow, everyone did a great job... and i can't get over those cute ghost brownies... such a festive idea! TFS! hugs, Kris

Unknown said...

Your spider box was so cute, Teri, and it seems easy enough to make. The ghost brownies were ingenious. TFS.

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh my gosh, too much fun, love all of these!!

Jenny said...

Hi Teri!
This spider box is sooooooooo cute! I just love his legs... gotta go get that punch now! You have such awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing and YES, PLEASE post a tutorial on this box!


Michele said...

Your spider boxes are so cute! I would love to see your tutorial for them!! Such great RAKS from a very talented bunch of ladies! :-)

Linda said...

Hey Girl ~ yes please, a tutorial would be fab! Love this super cute box/card! You da bomb! TFS your great ideas with all of us! Love you!

Joy said...

great pics Teri! I'm so sad we didn't take a group picture! but I did suggest that we all take turns being hosts...12 months will be easy to cover as there are more of us than there are months lol! at least we'll all keep in touch! love your boxes...I'm so overwhelmed that I don't know what I'll be doing for everyone! at least this week I can try get some done! have a good week!

Brenda said...

I love your spider boxes! You're so brave to wait till the night before to start making your RAKS! Love the color combo and all the RAKS you received!

Claudia said...

Hi Teri,
Your spider box is so darn cute! Please share the measurements for this box, I will definitely enjoy making it!
Thanks for sharing the rest of your cool RAK's.


Islander Girl said...

I LOVE THE SPIDER BOX! You gotta do a tutorial (^o*) Whenever! I'm in no hurry, I know I'll get it outta you before I leave (^o^)

So glad you came and had fun (I hope!) Can't wait to hang w/you again!!!

I'll work on your blogwear in btwn my craft fair projects! Email me if you have something specific in mind!

Hope you're having a great day at work!


joni h said...

Love your spider box! So creative of you to come up with that! You like see what I come up with?!....a hand stained with M&M colors!!
Love how you can add a message to the box!

Elena said...

Very cute treat boxes! You are so very talented....thanks for sharing all your creations!

Waipahu CBDO dba Waipahu Community Coalition said...

hi Teri- what a cute box! I'd love to see a tutorial! Thanks!

Barbie said...

Hi Teri - yes, please! a tutorial would be great! just love those kooky eyes! sunny and i tried our hand at making the spiders and we would love to make the card/box!
TFS! Barbie

gailwoo said...

That is the cutest lil spider evah!!!! A tut would be awesome, can't tell what size the box is....matchbox bottom size? I love the cover/card idea....all in one.

what size are the tins in the double tin carrier?
Thanks for sharing your wonderful raks and projects with us! I visit your blog everyday!
Gail (San Francisco)

Regina said...

hello Teri

the spider is so cute! You are so creativ!
I love this hidden drawer box! This box is easy to make and I have a tutorial with inches.

Thanks for sharing!

Lot of greetings from Germany

Jodi said...

This was a fun day! Thanks so much for sharing your RAK and it was great to get together with everyone again!
Jodi =)

Rita said...

You girls are all so creative & your projects are awesome! How fun is this to be able to get together & create for each other!