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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Successful Craft Fair

Well, the craft fair is over and I've been a busy bee rushing to finish product to sell for the fair. I made 30 of these large gift tags which you could also use as cards. Thanks to the gal who took a pic of me, joy, kyoko and linda...it was really sunny and HOT and we had no shade! I guess a tent would've been good. As you can tell, I was dressed inapproprietly as it was cold when I left home early...Joy said next year and I said she would have to twist my arm to get me to do this again...haha! I had so much fun with you gals yesterday!
Thank you to all who stopped by, shopped and told me you read my blog (blush...) Happy Thursday! I'll post more photos of what I made tomorrow!


kris said...

Teri the tags/cards came out really GREAT!!! i spy a monkey one! =D glad you girls had fun together even if it was HOT!!! have a great day! hugs, Kris

Jenny said...

Wow, that was a lot of coloring you did! Sounds like you guys had fun- even in the heat. Wish I could've been there to support you ladies.

Jenny (from Hilo)

Denise said...

Wow, Teri, that is a lot of work! They are all so beautiful. You will always do good at Craft fairs, your creations are " da bomb"
Have a nice weekend my Friend..

Michelle Alejandro said...

Wow looks like you ladies had a blast! I wish I could have come by but had to teach :0(. Glad you did good and have a great weekend!


Jodi said...

These look amazing Teri!! I am not surprised that they were all sold! Wonderful! That is a great pic of the 4 of you!! So glad you all had fun... big thank you for everything Teri!
Jodi =)

Shirley N said...

love those cute images and the background DPs you used--Cute tags/cards!

Brenda said...

looks like you all had a fun day!

joni h said...

so cute! so cute!....and the card/tags are cute too! hee!hee! nice picture of all of you cute gals!
love the colors, DP & images that you used. I would've bought some!