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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm So Spoiled!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy belated Valentine's Day and belated Chinese New Year wishes too!
I am so thankful for wonderful friends! Over the past month, I have been showered with so many beautiful and thoughtful raks! I wish I had the time to make things in return. I try, but there are so many things on my "To Do" list that I can't even begin to think adding more things to do! I'm also so ashamed that I didn't make the time to take photos of the raks so I can properly say thank you to everyone! So I am dedicating this post to my sweet friends and for their wonderful raks.
The Mama did it again...she makes the sweetest gifts! Thanks Mama for always thinking of me and making me smile! Don't know how you do it!
Sideview of this cuteness.
OOPS! Technical difficulty! I will reload the photo of this AWESOME rak from mama...sorry for the inconvenience!!

Got this sweet card and treats from my friend Kim. Thank you so much Kim! I love my purple bling!
A beautiful card from my GF Risa. Colors IRL are extra fabulous!! Thanks Risa, you made my day!!
Love my Changito card from Skye. Skye is the DD of Joni who attended my class this past weekend. So talented at such a young age! Watch out Joni! Looks like you have some competition for the craft supplies! Thank you Skye for the awesome card and for the hand soap too! You are too sweet!!
Here's a pic of more sweet Valentine goodies from Jenny, Janis, Joy and Joni. Thanks so much ladies!
One more! Sweet chocolate treat holder from my BFF Linda. Loving the huge stash of my favorite sweet - chocolate!! Thanks Linda for this cute treat!
Here's what the treat holder looks like when you open it up to take out the chocolate! Yummm!
THANKS to all of my friends for spoiling me with your talent and kindness. Brings tears to my eyes and gives me chicken skin!
I'm hoping that I find the time to do posts for the whole week. I have so much to share with you but no time to prepare my posts!! I'm in the process of organizing my craftroom (again). Seems like I can never get all of my supplies back to their proper homes!
I'm planning on working on my cricut projects using my 3M fully adhesive craft paper...I'm making Hello Kitty! Come back to see the finished projects k?? Have a great day!


Jenny V. said...

Wow beautiful RAKS from talented ladies. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend. Have a great day!

1LuvnMama said...

Oh Teri!
You deserve those RAKS! Again, always thinking and bringing joy to others with your "gift" of craft! Enjoy them and know that you are very much appreciated for all that you do!

Rita said...

Look at all those wonderful RAK's & you so deserve them kiddo. Such talented friends. Hugs Rita

Brenda said...

Love the RAKS! You totally deserve them! Good luck with cleaning your craft area. I cleaned mines this weekend and now I don't want to craft there cause I'll mess it up. Have a good week!

Joy said...

woo-hoo! wonderful Valentine's day RAKS! thanks for all the fun! hanging out was a blast and even more to hang out with your family really meant a lot! I love hearing the stories from your dad. such a cute man! okay... well if I can survive today...OM goodness...I really believe that she was dropped on her head at birth...probably like from 10 stories up! UGH! TTYL!


Thanks for sharing your RAKs, Teri, you deserve them all. Don't forget to show us your craft room too - I want to know how everyone organizes their stuff as I certainly need help in this area.

Joy said...

Awww, you are such a sweetie that's why everyone loves to give you stuff!! You are the kindest person I've met and I can sincerely feel it because it comes from your heart. :) I hope we stay BFF's forever!!!

Can't wait to see the HK Cricut!!! :)

Love ya,

Jenny said...

Hi Teri!
Thanks for an awesome class on Sunday! Had lots of fun making projects and laughing, and eating, and laughing... You are so nice and really deserve all those RAKs. Hope to see you again soon!

Jenny (from Hilo)

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

Yes, I agree you are spoiled, and rightfully so!

Mahalo & Hugs,

Nice set of Valentine RAKS!

Colleen said...

Yes, you are spoiled. Of course you deserve it all. :) Great RAKS from your friends for Valentine's Day.