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Monday, March 15, 2010

March Class Projects

Wow! where did the weekend go? It was so nice to see everyone again at the classes. Here are the projects for the month of March! For our first project, we made a cute bucket using the SU pillow box die and added a cute chick to the front of the bucket. Here's a side view of the bucket.
Our second project - 4 milk cartons and a cute holder. Our bonus was this build-a-bear cutie with bunny ears.
Here's another view of the project. I'll try to post a mini tutorial on how to make this cute holder. It's a variation of one that I saw online. I just tweaked it up a bit (with the help of Joy - thanks!!) to make it real simple (just the way I like it!)
I hope those who attended enjoyed the projects. If you ordered a kit "to go", they are ready to go after I finish scoring the lines on the holder...Thanks to my sister Cheryl who helped me cut out all the pieces!!
Finally, this cute BAB bunny was found on the grass outside of my yard by the parked cars...did anyone lose theirs?? If this is yours, please email me so I can send it to you!!
Thanks for stopping by today! Thanks to all of the ladies who attended my class this weekend!! I'm really trying hard to get my act together to post the rest of the classes for the year...Life's been busy...thanks for your patience!


Risa said...

What super cute and fun projects Teri! I love the ducky, he is adorable!

Jenny said...

Hi Teri,
That chick is sooo cute! I think I'm gonna have to CASE him! I love the milk carton holder too. Thanks for sharing these cute projects!

Jenny (from Hilo)

Michelle Alejandro said...

Awww I wish I could have gone :0(. These projects look so fun! Yeah the weekend really flew by! TTYL!


Cheryl said...

Cute projects Teri! The BAB turned out really cute too! I'll have to see these IRL when we go to lunch again.

Brenda said...

Thanks again Teri! I really enjoyed the projects. Bryleigh can't wait to go back to your house again!

Denise said...

Look's like I missed another great class! I hope & plan to be at your April one.

Joy said...

sorry...so wanted to come to your class and spend time with dear friends like you, but things didn't go as planned this weekend and so I just went with the flow. lovely projects they did. love how everything turned out. hope you had a good time and have a wonderful week. need to talk to you later. take care.

mst822 said...

Oh wow! Super cute projects, Teri! I can't wait for my kit!

Cami said...

Whoever attended your class surely came away with fantastic projects and just in time for Easter! Love your creations, Teri...always have. You're such an inspiration to crafters. They are all so cute. Hugs, Cami

Ilissa said...

Totally cute projects! Can't wait to get my kit! Thanks again. Have a great work week.

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

Everything looks absolutely adorable!


Janis said...

Class was fun...learned a lot...again. Poor lost bunny, hope he finds his way home before Easter. lol. Thanks again!

Tasha said...

WOW Teri these are adorable!
love tasha xx

Tammi said...

That chick is adorable, clever idea and love the bear box too, what fun little gifts!