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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Milk Carton Holder Tutorial, My Version

It's the weekend, yippee! As promised, here is my mini tutorial for this simple milk carton holder. I was hunting for a holder for our mini milk cartons that was simple to make. I came across one that was pretty much what I was looking for, but after making one, it was too big! At the time of my attempt, my GF Joy was over and helped me figure out the measurement so that two milk cartons could fit just right side by side. I wasted so much cardstock, but it was worth it! Here's what I made for my GF Cheryl (I posted this yesterday).
Here's a side view of the finished project.
So, today, I'm sharing my measurements and instructions to make the holder for the milk cartons. FYI, the milk carton die is a SU exclusive. When it was first released, I quickly ordered one and upon cutting it out thought, wow, this is so small! But I really LOVE the size now. Just the right size to put small candies/treats in them. BTW, have you seen the prices of Easter candies? I nearly fell down at Longs checking out prices. I guess I'll have to wait for the sale on Sunday.
Anyway, here we go! You will need 2 pieces of cardstock cut to size 5 3/8" X 7 1/4".

I did all of my scoring using my Fiskars cutter. I love this cutter because you can alternate the cutting blade and the scoring blade.
With the 5 3/8" side on the top, score 1" on each side.
OOPS! I JUST REALIZED THAT IN MY NEXT PHOTO, I DID NOT TURN THE CARDSTOCK...SO SORRY! I think you can still understand my instructions...
Turn the cardstock so that the 7 1/4" side is now on the top. Score at 1" and 2 3/4". This is the tricky part...move the cardstock to 3 3/4" line on your cutter, but ONLY SCORE TO THE 1" HORIZONTAL LINE. Can you see it at the arrows??
Put the 5 3/8" side on the top again and trip off part of the 1" strips on both sides ONLY TO WHERE YOU SCORED AT 3 3/4" so that your piece will look like this:
Trim the tabs to look like the photo. You don't have to trim the tabs, but it's less bulky when you put the tray together if you trim the tabs. Add adhesive as shown.
Form the trays on each piece. Next, adhere both trays to each other and using your large oval punch, punch out the handles as shown.
I decorated the sides of the try with DSP scraps (you will need four pieces cut at 3" X 3/4"). Decorate as desired.
That's it! Not too hard right? Give it a try and tell me what you think. Making the holder is easier than doing this tutorial! LOL!
I'm sharing with you again the project we did last weekend at my class.
For those of you who ordered my March class kits "to go", they are completed and are on it's way to you! Hope these instructions help you assemble your holder although I already cut and scored everything for you!!
If you decide to make this holder, please share with me your finished project, I'd love to see what you came up with.
Thanks for stopping by today. Yet, another busy weekend for me! Hopefully I'll be able to get more projects to share done!


Jenny said...

Hi Teri,
Thanks for another awesome tutorial! I love the paper you used too!!

Jenny (from Hilo)

Cheryl said...

Great! I'll have to try this out! It's a very clever idea for those cute little milk cartons.

Shirley N said...

So cute Teri. Always appreciate your tutorials, TFS!!!

Michelle Alejandro said...

Teri this came out so cute! Love that little bunny on the front, to freakin' cute!


Rita said...
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Rita said...

Awesome, love that cute girl bear with the bunny ears & DP!
Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

1LuvnMama said...

Great tutorial Teri! Now to buy that mini milk carton die. More moolah out the door! ;)

Joy said...

Awesome tutorial BFF!! I love the bunny, sooooo cute!! I going copy now.... LOL!!


BTW, love the nails! :)

Cami said...

Love, love, love this mini milk carton holder you made with that cute punched out bunny! You are so talented, and thanks so much for the tutorial...I will need to make this! Where you find the time, I don't know, but I love that you do make all sorts of cute things! Hugs, Cami

Janis said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It was really fun to make in class. Love the mini milk carton & mini clip!

Gina Wrona said...

Aloha Teri,

Absolutely adorable bunny & awesome tutorial! Mahalo so very much for sharing & teaching us.