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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Party Favor Boxes

Happy Aloha Friday! No furlough for me today, but that's okay...we are having a long holiday weekend! I'm actually glad that a long weekend is coming up because I haven't been feeling very well. The other day, I discovered a painful lump on the back of my head and I actually was kind of scared because I had no clue what it could be. After an appt with my doctor, he diagnosed me with occipital neuralgia. The doctor said that this is pretty common, who knows, you might have had this but never knew. If you are interested in knowing the symptoms and information about this, click HERE. I guess I need to make some adjustments in everything I do so I won't have so much stress. I might need alot of reminders from you. I will be cutting down on my posts for the next few weeks to heal.
Okay! today I am sharing a cute little party favor box. I love that Stampin' Up! came out with these cute and fun party favor boxes already cut out and ready to decorate and use! These fun party favor boxes (#117178) are featured in the Summer Mini Catalog on page 27. After popping the box up (they come assembled but flat) I attached the band (comes with the box) I decorated it with a paper rose made from pumpkin pie cardstock and the large flower punch and an image. This cute owl image comes from the level one hostess set called It's The Thought and you can get this stamp set FREE with a qualifying minimum purchase. So simple and cute yeah?Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today. Wishing you a fun and Happy 4th of July weekend!! Please come back tomorrow for a sneak peek to see my July class projects!


June K said...

Take good care of yourself.


Risa said...

Hi Teri,
What an adorable favor box! I hope that all is well with you dear, take it easy and take care of yourself.
Big hugs

Colleen said...

I was getting a little worried about you since you did not post anything since Tues. I am glad that you don't have anything too serious. Try to relax. BTW, the party favor box is very cute espeically with the flower on it.

Jenny said...

Love the box Teri! Can you do a tutorial (later- rest first) on how to make the rose with the large flower punch? Hope you recover soon!


Jodi said...

This is a really cute box Teri! I love the colors and that they are precut!
I'm glad that this not something serious and hope that you will heal quickly.
Enjoy a restful weekend!
Take good care!
Big Hugs!
Jodi =)

Jean said...

Hey Teri! That paper rose and tag are just adorable...and sounds like you now have a good reason to go get a massage!!

mst822 said...

Luv the favor box, Teri! I especially like that paper flower you created, it's so pretty! Rest & enjoy your long weekend!
Take care!

Linda said...

Hey T! Glad to hear that you went to the doc and found out what was wrong. Take care of yourself and PLEASE get some rest this weekend. After reading the info from your link, I've had those types of headaches quite a bit, so I definitely feel your pain. REST UP and see you soon! xoxo, Linda

kraftkat said...

Aww, hope you recover very soon. Hard to function/create when you´re under the weather. Article sez treatment includes massage...get a goo-o-od one! Take care & appreciate all that you have shared. That is one cute box!

Cami said...

Oh Teri, please do take very good care of yourself and get better soon. I know you have so many things going on in your life and you're always there for everyone else and planning and coordinating events for everyone to enjoy. Do put yourself first and get better OK? Your box is very pretty and I like how you did your flower! You always add that "perfect touch" to your creations! Hugs, Cami

Allison Rankin said...

Adorable! Love that big flower!

Rita said...

This is an adorable box Teri & I luv how you dressed it up for the perfect little gift.

Sending you some get well wishes & (((hugs)))...feel better soon. Remember you NEED to take care of yourself FIRST before you can take care of your family, they NEED you to be WELL.

Luv ya

Sparkplug17 said...

This is just darling! I love your flower. I hope you feel better soon!