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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spoiled by Rita

Holy Moly! Received this birthday package from my GF Rita. Talk about spoiling me...look at all of the goodies she sent to me. This basket was just too gorgeous! Love all of the details!
This was the flower on the top of the basket...a beautiful water lily...
I love my card too, Rita! Thank you so much for everything! I love being spoiled!
I have a few more BRAKS to share this week, so if you didn't see your card yet, it will be shared right here soon! Thank again for all of the birthday wishes and thanks for sharing a part of your day with me!


Rita said...

So glad you liked everything...you deserve it kiddo!!! You spoiled me too in Vegas & I loved it!!!


Joy said...

you are such a spoiled brat! nah, j/k! you so deserve to be pampered and loved. you give so much all the time...why not spoil you on your special day! love all the BRAKs you have been receiving. I am sure there are many more! have a good week...if you are at work! lol!

Colleen said...

Great gift from your friend Rita. The card, basket, and water lily that she made for you are really nice.

Michelle Alejandro said...

What great braks for a great lady! I still need to get my gift to you, ugh I am so bad. I can always just leave it in your garage too. Lmk.


Kyoko said...

OMG ... look at that truckload of goodies you got from Rita ... she is just the SWEETEST!

Denise said...

What sweet raks, for a very Sweet Lady!!!
See you Sunday.